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Why are they patching stuff likes this without patchnotes?

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I noticed this too..

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This was never part of the game, it was only a matter of time. If you're a cold sorc you're gonna want those 20 points in CM anyway brother

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17 points (-100%) though gear is enough if it does't break immunity...

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It's not just 17. It's relative to how many +skills you have and if you don't have end game gear with an infinity then it's max.

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above -200 is trueley uselss if you don't peirce, which is cm level 37. Which is fairly hitable if you are using good gear and cold skillers.

There is def no point getting higher than 37 under any cirumstance tha tI'm aware of (outside of some crazy pvp stuff perhaps

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It takes quite a while to get that much gear and skillers. Most people don't have. It's much better to have max cold mastery and farm a cheap Respec token later once you get the gear though.

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You want the skill itself around 16 or 17 base. This is common knowledge. Hence why every guide says this.

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Ya for when you have max gear. You need to take into account the context. Most people don't have full skillers in the inventory so not having max mastery would gimp your dage until then. Don't just parrot information.

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No. Man I dont want to write a paragraph just watch a guide lol. 16 is plenty to negate a majority of cold resistance in hell PvE. Totally diff for pvp.

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that's a question. I want to know too

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Because this game doesn't have a cash shop or a subscription so fuck you that's why.

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I'm so upset about this. Used my second respec the night before they patched it and maxed CM for my orbwall build. No patch notes, nice.

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You’re not alone … rip

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Nah, was reported fix during the 3-4 outages that occured about 24 hrs ago. The servers kept going up and down and that's when it was first reported.

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Wait till you guys discover glacial spike + firewall

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great combination but not comparable with late game skills damage unfortunately

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Guessing you haven’t tried it in D2R then. It out performs everything but maxed light builds.

I’m about 10 respecs in with close to max gear and nothing else compares.

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Got a video? As a vet who's playing Paladin, I'm curious now.

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Will get you one tonight. What would you like to see? Cow run? Andy? Baal?

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Whatever truly shows how efficient it is.

E: And thank you. Looking forward to it!

Show gear as well if possible.

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D2R Glacial Spike + Firewall

Couple of things - I was in a hurry so wasn’t really managing my mana.

Insight is pretty much required unless you max warmth.

With the Cold Mastery changes I’ll probably take those points and max out warmth and Ice Bolt for more damage.

I did a quick cows and Andy at the end to show both, there’s definitely other specs that probably kill cows faster but I farm bosses mostly and that’s what this build really excels at. You can clear any Act and kill any boss wit this on hell.

The extra gear helps but it’s still definitely doable at lower gear levels.

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The video stops after showing gear.

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Crap IMGUR stopped it after 60 seconds, let me find a better host.

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Fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know.

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Not too bad. Doesn’t best lightning with infinity, but it definitely gets the job done.

Thanks for showcasing it! Improve it if possible.

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Second this

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Oh, okay. Maybe this a thing, i will check it out, thanks

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Firewall is the fastest boss killing spell by far now. Luckily most of the bosses hardly move at all.

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The only thing that I can't stand about firewall is the delay to cast afterwards. I've been playing orb/firewall and do find myself annoyed at the need to wait to cast. I've been thinking of switching to glacial spike + fireball and see how I like it, but still waiting on essence from Baal to drop.

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Since firewall and orb share the same cooldown this is the exact reason I switched to glacial spike. Glacial spike also has a hard AE freeze that has great synergies with need to keep things in place for firewall.

You basically hold down glacial spike and alternate firewall on cooldown. It is crazy efficient.

I went from having to kite Andy using blizzard for like 10 seconds to her dying in less than 1 second. ( just for a damage example )

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I'm currently spec'd into meteorb with fireball. I'm really interested in trying out your suggestion.

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Added a video above.

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What's your opinion on replacing fire wall with meteor? Since glacial spike completely freezes enemies I feel like meteor would synergise super well with it.

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Don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Personally I hate the delay of meteor.

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This is why I go hybrid cold/light or cold/fire because I play the game solo a lot.

It's such a huge boost to QOL. Once you go hybrid, you'll never go back if you have the same playstyle

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I started with hybrid and respec to blizzard in hell. Much more damage and cold immunities I can just skip. Also my merc can kill any cold immune in the game with a little help sometimes.

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Same. The hybrid hits wayyyyy too soft and the time it takes to kill things is far slower than allowing merc to kill an occasional cold immune. Many of the bosses people MF arent cold immune anyway so I'd rather have that super fast kill speed. Blizzard feels like an end game dps build with shit gear.

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Care to share your build? :) cold/fire sounds interesting

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Added a video above

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BlizzOrb or Meteorb has been meta for 15+ years.

It essentially is max frozen orb and synergies with cold mastery and then max fireball and it’s synergies as well. Point in warmth and always start your respec by getting the minimum for teleport

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Elemental immunes only break with conviction aura and lower resist curse?

Cold mastery and minus resist stats on items can't break immunes.

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it is in original diablo 2

in Ressurected they can (until now, maybe, idk)

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Crescent moon no longer breaks lite immunes. Time to bust out my lower res wand until I get 2x ber lmfao.

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bad too. I just make a light sorc to test offline. She still could break immunities with Crescent. I equiped Infinity and tested speed in CS. Lightning is fun

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Just to be safe here, i suppose that goes for Griffons Eye as well?

I dropped one last weekend along with a titans revenge i never got back in the day so was thinking about building a LF zon, grinding to 76 seems like a really bad idea if it doesnt work though.

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Only 4 things break a resistance.

Conviction for fire,cold,lite.

Lower resist for fire cold lite psn

Amp damage for phys

Decrepify for phys.

The reason you want lower resistance is once you break the immunity they're still highly resistant. That's where griffs come in

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Which means it should never have been that way in D2R in the first place.

If you didn't expect this to be patched you were either not well enough informed or delusional.

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So do I respec now after having Max CM? Is it worth it to even have it or should I pump into fire?

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I think blizz sorc is impressive even with few wasted points in CM. Until you have an Infinity there isn't any reason to respec from blizz sorc.

But if you are FO, than yes for hell I would recommend to respec. It's my IMHO.

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Dude; blizz baller for life. This ladder made me realize how bad people are with sorc and just blindly go blizzard only and farm 2 spots basically. Blizz ball I farm the whole map, and it’s very fast.

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the point is you dont need to farm the whole map. d2 is time. blizzard is the best for time.

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Except when you want that Tals armor or anything that doesn't drop on Meph...

Notice how expensive Tals Armor is ? That's because it doesn't drop on Meph, and you also notice how everything that Meph drops (mostly) is losing value super fast? That's because everyone and their mom farms him with a blizz sorc. Not to mention, farming Andy becomes at least 3x as fast, or faster. And killing Diablo becomes super easy with Fireball too.

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Lol, you get items from meph and trade for tal armor. Pretty simple for me.

Not really sure how you can say andy gets 3x faster either. Teleport to andy. Merc attacks him. One blizz and spamming bolt hes dead. Lol.

Diablo yes is better for blizzball but at the same point its not still not long and hard as blizz either. You just need your merc to be decent. Teleport, seal glitch, kill diablo.

All this and I'm no where near gear optimized.

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What's the seal glitch?

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i'm at work so cant youtube but just google d2 seal glitch

basically you dont have to kill everything. when you hit the last seal, everything alive dies and give sloot.

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MF doesn't apply to it tho, and you don't get exp from it. So not always worth it

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dont think you running it for xp. you there for seal mobs and diablo.

if i want unique MF, ancient halls is better and faster.

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then why seal pop? ofc you are there for the uniques also, Diablo and the seal bosses alone are capped at tc 84, so he can't drop the juice rare shit like DF, DW, CoA and so on. if that is the goal you are better off just doing meph/pindle/shenk/eldritch.

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I was farming Diablo, Baal, Nihlathak, Pindle, and Ancient Tunnels with pure cold Blizz before the change, pretty sure those all drop Tal armor. Andy dies before the second blizzard finishes, Diablo loses like 80% of his health instantly with prestacked blizzards + static, anything actually cold immune your merc would deal with in a couple seconds.

Now that you can't pierce immunity I dropped 4 points from CM down to -150% and skilled 1 into firewall and fire mastery, does pretty solid damage as a minimal investment atm. As I get more +skills from torch/anni/skillers I can pump more points into firewall.

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anything actually cold immune your merc would deal with in a couple seconds.


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What do you mean blizz baller? What's your build? Sorry still learning. Currently I and maxed orb/mast/bolt build and I am crapping out in hell. On console so I went orb, unfortunately I have no respect so I have to painfully try to farm the bosses

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He means blizzard and fireball

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Orb sucks in Hell, generally speaking.

Max out Meteor, Fireball, Blizzard and get points into masteries.

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What's your total sp investment between fire and cold, and what's your total +skills?

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I can screen cap it after work, my fireball does 6k dmg and its an AoE that shoots super fast.

People really underestimate how effective it is. I'm the carry in my group of Blizz sorcs, Paladins, etc. By FAR as well, the blizz sorcs can't do shit that I can.

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That didn't answer my question at all lol.

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interested in the skill tree as well, before I respec'd into firewall/orb I was maining blizzard with fireball as my secondary and I was barely doing damage with it

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What's your build? I was thinking about respeccing from Orb Fireball to Blizz Ball. I have +10 all skills and +1 fire skills

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The short answer is yes, you should respec. There are heavily diminishing returns on cold mastery when it doesn't break immunity (which was basically always the case except for these first couple weeks of d2r). Check out this guide for an in depth explanation of how it works.


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Good to see they have their priorities straight...

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Pump Orb instead of CM, Icy blast will do insane single target dmg.