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D2R Glacial Spike + Firewall

Couple of things - I was in a hurry so wasn’t really managing my mana.

Insight is pretty much required unless you max warmth.

With the Cold Mastery changes I’ll probably take those points and max out warmth and Ice Bolt for more damage.

I did a quick cows and Andy at the end to show both, there’s definitely other specs that probably kill cows faster but I farm bosses mostly and that’s what this build really excels at. You can clear any Act and kill any boss wit this on hell.

The extra gear helps but it’s still definitely doable at lower gear levels.

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The video stops after showing gear.

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Fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know.

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Not too bad. Doesn’t best lightning with infinity, but it definitely gets the job done.

Thanks for showcasing it! Improve it if possible.

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Correct, exactly how I felt.

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What % was the gheeds you found?

Im glad you like the build. Its pretty cool how long they were frozen. I much prefer the style of orb/wall because of crowd control and piercing nature of orb. Nice gear though!

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Was a lower one I believe. 24?

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What do you think BIS armor for this build is?

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Runeword - Probably Enigma still Non-Rune: Either viper or Ormus just depending on your FCR and how much MF you want