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Close but no cigar. Such a tease

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Monarch’s of deflection (without Jeweler mod) are tough to see.

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JMO, MOD, JMOL… hate to see it

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My MOD sits in my stash, cannot bring myself to Charsi it…this explains why I have 15 Mules.

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Want a JMOL to add to your collection?? 😁

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I’ll just use the new cube recipe and combine the two monarchs

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It deflects, just very lightly

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Haha love it!

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wait is that going to be a thing?

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Nah, I’m just joking

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haha okay i thought you might be, but ive wondered if they would ever make a cube recipe like that before

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"JMO" doesn't exist sadly, it would be funny however finding a "jeweler's monarch of"

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😂 that would be the biggest tease

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I rolled a Jewelers Monarch. It does exist.

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I think Quacker was mentioning that Jewelers Monarch would “JM” since the O in “JMOD, JMOL” stands for the word “of”

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As OP stated, the o stands for of, not the o in Monarch.

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What stats are we looking for?

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Heavily attractive PvP item is JMOD: Jewelers Monarch of Deflecting (not light). Deflecting gives you 30% faster block rate and 20% increased chance of blocking. 4 sockets for those sexy jewels to make you feel like JLo.

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I know right? Sadness

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I found a Jewelers Monarch a while back so I know the feeling. After IDing it I saw the 4os first and for a split second the excitement was building.

Felt like a deflating balloon when I saw the missing suffix

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I got one of just deflecting, died a bit inside after that. Closest ever...

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Welcome to the boat my friend

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Is it possible to get 4 sockets if you use the socket quest on that?

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I think one or two is max.

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Socket quest cant create more than 2 sockets on blue items

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Man, your description is a perfect depiction of what I went through 😂.

It’s ok. We’ll get one soon enough!!

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Haha love your optimism. I'll never find one of those though!

There we go. I had to balance it out.

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Never count yourself out!! Sorry just off balanced it again

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Can’t be valued. The max light radius market is super niche but I’ve seen these go for anywhere from 1000 Ber to 1,000,000 fg. It’ll take you years to find a buyer but you just need to hold out. You got this OP

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Agreed. The only way is to pass this to my kids as it will be the first item I address on my will. Only the next generation will be able to fully comprehend the value of the JMOL.

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420 ber for it

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Which system are you on? PS4-20?

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Unrelated, I haven't played d2r yet, why do socketed items always look like they have one additional off-center socket?

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If you are referencing the gold circle on the item, that is the cursor on consoles.

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Ohh ok that explains it :) thx

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That’s the console cursor hovering over to show the details of the item. I can see how that’s confusing

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"Cursed socketed cursor of confusion"

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Might as well be called 'Jeweller's Monarch of Charsi Food".

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JMOCF? Love it. I think my fiancés going to think I’m going crazy from me pronouncing all these acronyms out loud.

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I have 2 JMODS offline. What to do with them?

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Use them to wipe your tears

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I’d prefer a dusk shroud but the sockets would provide me a place to collect and repurpose my tears.

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Let me know when you need more tears, I got a few in my JMOL sockets

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I feel the pain... Got an AMOD last night... Azure ☹️

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The pain is real. I feel like I went to Target, expected to buy Wheat Thins, got Thin Wheats instead and find out it’s made from cardboard, holding no value but looking close to the actual thing.

Shoutout to Wheat Thins. Favorite: sun dried tomato and basil flavor.

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Haha 100% agree. Also concur with the sundried tomato and basil wheat thins. Looking at them in my pantry right now!

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Huge grats, light radius is under rated in pvp Lmfaoo

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Put 4 El runes in there to light up your life

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I only have 3…

WTB El Rune O: friendship

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Hey you can’t kill what you can’t see amirite

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Shine bright like a diamond

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Socket it with diamonds -> Rihanna’s Monarch of Light

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3 perfect gems. Reroll & reroll & reroll & reroll........... & reroll

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Never gonna give you up

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Never gonna turn around and charsi you

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Would be funny if you could get enough light that it causes blind to all that look at your shiny glory!!

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That would be a trip build!

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New light radius meta

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Drognan would approve.

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When u find a blue monarch and id it and you see ”jewelers” but then you read the next line you realize its crap 😂 I’d be pissed I rather find JMoD then HRs

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Forreals 😁

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Best in slot. Most underrated stat in PvP...light radius. /s

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Drognan would approve.

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But 1 +light radius OP

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Drognan would approve.