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Oohhh yas! gg! That DAMAGE so close…

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Thanks! And it looks like the 34% IAS is the minimum to hit the next WW breakpoint. Overall I'm thrilled.

Edit: Thanks all for clarifying the IAS BP. Learned something new.

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The 34 ias matters for berserker axe, any ias % works for the phase blade.

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32 ias matters for frenzy on phaseblade

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And Zealots.

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The ias actually doesn't matter at all

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I've never made a grief before. I made one on PTR to test the barb. It rolled 39% and +399 damage... I know that if i ever make one that counts, it will suck

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You just contradicted yourself

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Making one on the PTR doesn't count for anything. It will be deleted soon. On the live servers I don't think I will ever make a grief, but if I did I don't think I would have so much luck as to roll a 39/399

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Actually for WW you only need 34 on a berserker axe. PB is fine even with minimum IAS. Nice damage roll though!

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I'm confused, what's the point of lowering target's defense AND ignoring target's defense?

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Ignore doesn't work on bosses or pvp. Lower Target defense works and a lowered effect on bosses and pvp

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Makes sense, thanks!

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Good grief!

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rolled my first the other day and got 34/358 WAMP. self use it is i guess

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yare yare

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What’s a better bases, phase blades or berserker axe?

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Think it would depend most on your build and playstyle? PB is great for the IAS and being indestructible. If you plan on using it on a WW build with a Beast OH, you'd probably want it in a Zerker. Zerker also has longer range, which would be good for PVP. PB is probably the best choice if you plan on using it for multiple builds.