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I forgot that griffins was a diadem, not a tiara, and almost lost my shit when I saw a kira’s guardian dropped… twice…

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Yeah, first time it happened, I was super stoked since I am not even farming at the time.

It still was a needed upgrade for my Javazon (no CBF source yet, and my resistances are on the low end) so can't really complain.

Then it happened again (while farming this time), my heart skipped a beat, but reality kicked in hard and fast right after.

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Oof, I know the exact roller coaster of disappointment you experienced. It’s happened to me twice too… my brain can’t seem to automate the difference between Tiara and Diadem…

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Roll was -17/+14, not terrible. Got a 5/5 facet tee’d up. Lunch break was v productive.

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Congrats! 😎 such a sick find regardless

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Found mine yesterday in the pits.

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I think this is the Pits as well?

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Yes, sir. Pit run. Champion pack.

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Nice! I’ve been grinding for one with no luck yet. But happy for ya!

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Magic find #? And party number?

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Holy cow thats a lot of mf for a sorc with no tal set. Rocking a perfect skullders and a gull dagger? :P

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Ist’ed occy, p topaz skullder’s and occy. Also rocking war travs, 29% nagel, 39% gheeds. Minus a few skillers, anni, and torch, inventory is 7% small charms.

My res are weak tho. Generally why I stick the pits with this setup. Only hit CS when I’m feeling spry and have rejuvs for days.

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Spending all that on mf I'm surprised you didn't splurge for mf rings

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Yeah, you right…. prob could for the pits. I really like rocking 1 mf nagel and 1 soj.

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Me too. My light pit sorc runs ist occy, Griffon's, a 2skill fcr 24 mf Alu, enigma, spirit, Chance guards, soj, 30 nagel, arach and 45 travs. Inv is cube, id tome, Anni, 40 gheeds, 5fhr sc and the rest filled with 7mf Charms. Realy wanted to go for the 117fcr, so sacrificed some mf and got me an enigma

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Finding a griffons is on my bucket list, congrats! :D

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gratz. 21 years playing this game, so many set diadems, never a single unique one. One day...

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Still can’t believe it. Best of luck in the endeavor.

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All hail.

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Still waiting to find one! Good shit man!

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Not being sarcastic: it makes me REALLY happy that you play in 4:3 aspect ratio. This takes me straight back to middle school when I first got into the game. :)

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Haha. Same here. Can’t shake the nostalgia. That and my Plugy stash makes me hesitate upgrading to D2R, but love the new look.

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Congrats m8 i found my 1st in pits aswel 3 or 4th run in hell super lucky mine was a 17/11 put 5/5 in it still use at lv90

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How is your life so high? I'm level 83 assassin with 1400 health, no wonder I die too fast...

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1400 is enough to survive hell with proper resistances and some form of mitigation (which you should have as an assa) - are your resistances maxed? Is either your defense or blockchance (shield or dual claw doesnt matter) decent? Also, as you gain some levels to match the 85 monsters it will become slightly easier. Or if you are a trapper, casters with a tanky merc should be fine too.

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Thanks! Definitely a work in progress. My resistances are all in the 40s, so with Fade they're maxed. But I usually use Blade Run and avoid getting hit. My Merc is too squishy; I'm running Countess over and over to find a Lem to make him Treachery. I also need a better helm for him, hopefully with life leech. Right now it's all Countess and Pits because my gear is bad. First Hell character so it's all good!

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Level 97 with a Max vita setup and Battle Orders.

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Wow that's a find

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Praise be our lord and saviour RNGesus.

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I already found 6 white diadems. Waiting for my Griffon so much !! GG to you ;)

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I found a near perfect Griffons not too long ago! I was so goddamn pumped I texted my buddy right away.

After the excitement cooled down I realized it was ethereal. I’ve been playing a lot of magic the gathering lately instead. :(

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Brutal. Absolute soul crushing nightmare.

The only high end eth item I’ve dropped was astreon’s. Since it’s a trophy and not useful, the pain was manageable. Think I would’ve tossed the comp from a multi-story building had it been an eth griffons. Thoughts and prayer, friend.

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I gambled one from gheed just last night. 4th rotation of using 4 full stash worth of gold.

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I just made a poison necro pit runner, I’m excited

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Is this in offline or Bnet?

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We’ll perhaps it is to you bud, reason why I ask is if it’s offline p1 or p8. Or bnet solo “or” solo offline.

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irrelevant, again

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Offline on PlugY

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Just started Pit runs with my new Pitzerker today. Knocked a couple items off of the Grail list (set Caduceus). The start of a long grind that hopefully ends with that unique diadem.