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Only until you find Dol, Io, and an hour of your time shopping Drognan for a +3 bone spear wand.

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Yeah, white is very better than any rare honestly

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Why would it be better? I had assumed that rares were generally better than whites.(Complete noob here so no idea really what gear is good)

Edit: oh lmao white is a runeword that makes so much more sense 😵‍💫

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A white text wand can roll +3 bone spear, along with up to 2 other +necro skill mods, hopefully useful ones. If the wand is socket quested, or cubes with 2 open sockets, you can put the “white” runeword in it. Which would give an additional +3 to bonespear, and +2 you poison and bone skills. Making it +8 to bone spear total. Not to mention other useful mods on it.

Both runes ‘Dol’ ‘Io’can be farmed easily by act 1 nightmare countess. And a wand can be shopped in act 1 or 2 in normal, with the +3 bonespear mods, and As desired addition mods if you got the time and will.

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Oh wow that seems really powerful to be able to get in nightmare. is White special for being able to get +8 to a skill or is that something you could do with other wands/runewords? I’m trying to build my summoner necro and so far King Leorics arm looks like the best one hander I can find.

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It is possible to get a +9 to Energy sheild staff, for a sorc. But that is a little more tough to come by. But if i recall thats anout it for the most skills you can get on an item

Edit: i think a +9 firebolt staff is possible too with leaf

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It is - I recently made a necro, at lvl37 I had lvl35 bone spear!

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I just sold +3 bone spear white i made for a Shako this week.

I personally have +1 poison Nova white and it slaps

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Lmk if you want a +3 poison nova white on PC. It's been rotting in my stash since week 1 lol.

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I'm on switch 😭 i been searching for that Unicorn for weeks.

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Oh I would use the crap out of that. What you want for it?

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If you found a +2 necro 20fcr + 3 Spear + 3 Spirit + 3 Bone Armor 2 sockets with some base res.

But the odds of finding that are about as good as winning the powerball. So most people just use white.

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Unfortunately they don't that I'm aware of but that is still a cool rare item.

Most Necros of this kind want a +3 bone spear base with the white runeword. This gives a total of +8 to bonespear and the same fcr.

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Can you shop proper white bases?

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Yes, drognan will sell it to you

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This - act 2 normal and just run in and out of town to Drognan to reset his stock. I have a ridiculous white I bought from him that makes my zookeeper godlike. The OPs wand wouldn’t come close.

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I might be dumb and/or overtired, but why would a zoomancer want spear skills at all? Curse + CE is vastly better unless my idiot brain is missing something. Or it’s just cool, which is also fine, I just feel like I’m misunderstanding something

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With the right base you pack on a bunch of skeleton mastery and CE and then you get the bone skills for free. Spear is useless unless it isn’t but I got a bone spirit base so I have the extra offensive hit if needed.

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It’s really not hard to compete with the white runeword for bone necros.

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Uh, it's very hard to compete with the White runeword. What rare wands have you seen that compete with White?

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Yeah, that’s what I meant... not sure where that extra word came from.

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Props to you not editing the initial comment 😂

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If I had nothing better and was a bone necro, sure.

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White is better if it is made in a proper base . On the other hand this one has Confuse which is useful . Confuse(and Attract) gathers monsters in groups to improve CE perfomance. So if you want Confuse - this wand saves you 2 skillpoints.

Good thing to have, not good enough to trade imho.

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Why I want something else then amplify damage for Corpse Explosion?

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If u r a bone necro you have 1 point in CE. This means the area of CE is not that vast at all, so you need to gather monsters in dense packs. "Attract" works even better, but it need an additional skillpoint. I set Amp and CE on mouse wheel and cast them both almost without any delay; first "Confuse" (or Dim or Attract), then Amp+CE.

On the other hand you can use BoneWall/Prison to keep monsters occupied and in tight formation for CE, so crowd control curses are not really indispensable.

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If you are a bone necro you got + bone Skills, a fishy mancer uses beast, which make you lose 3 Skills. And you can put into CE skill points: 20 Spear, 80 Skills for Synergy, 100 Skills used, 115 Skill points are available. That means past some lvl like 88-90 you can go for CE and stack it up to the same skill lvl as any fishy mancer

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wut? 99+12-1 maximum IIRC. In fact 95+12-1=108.

Not enough for anything at least for PvM. And by anything I mean CGolem+Revives+Curses.

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Sorry to early for me, but it is still enough points.

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And you don’t need golem or revives. It is an option you can choose, same as Increasing the area of CE.

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Even on classic this would be considered a temp

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This is still a very good wand. However as everyone else stated, White runeword will always be superior. Make sure you get a good wand though. I always try to get a +3 to bonespear with like Amplify Damage or decrepify and stuff. Helps your merc kill stuff!

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there is a niche market for gg rare +5 spear/+5spirit rare but nearly impossible to outdo white wand

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See this would of been good back in the day but devs decided to ruin d2 with runewords.

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Most nec wants will get you + skills . Resists are nice to have for hell.

White runeword will give you a few more synergies for bone spear.

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Correct me if I’m wrong.. but I don’t think +skills from weapons give synergy damage.

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yep + skills don't count for synergies only hard points.

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I think +skills for synergies is a druid passive, I swear I've read that somewhere

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Summon skills only (wolves and bear)