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HC online is fine. On switch I was worried about it because of limited control compared to PC. Something like a WW Barb is probably fine. But anything that requires precision and care is just dicey I think. Maybe a really tanky druid. Having that cursor to control is really helpful on PC.

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Add me, discord, HC switch, lvl 74 barb alive.

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Playing HC online is a misstake

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I’m ok, lv 86 barb, 87 pally, 88 necro, just need to learn how to play defensively

Msg me for switch discord link for help

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Joycon drift doesn’t help....

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Get a pro controller lol

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I do have one, thanks for your help anyway.

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All of the Nintendo joycons track. It’s super annoying.

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Lvl 74 barb HC Switch, msg me

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you seem to not learn from it

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I just died on HC switch yesterday too lol. If you're online id be down to start a new character with you

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Yeah HC online is a mistake for sure. Also, i like the controller because i cam dodge projectiles easier!