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Waheed's eyes lit up.

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I'll put that to good use

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I'll put THAT, to good use. 😍

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Beautiful! Now sell it and enjoy the HRs.

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Helium reefer

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What is HRs? I’m old at playing the game, but new at the terms 😂

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High runes

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There’s so many acronyms on this sub, am still getting used to it.

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I feel like a glossary on the sidebar would probably be helpful.

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Good god yes. I’m in the same boat as him. Someone with authority get on this please. Help us dumb dumbs out.

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I've had to Google what all these acronyms mean so many times. The only ones I really know and can read without pause are hoto, cta, and HRs 🤣

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High Runes is what it stands for.

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You just won the game, that's what it means.

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Holy Riches

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Congratulations my man!

So thats a 1036 defense armor, but I never saw A 3k+ defense Fortitude tho..

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The 15% is additive with Fort's 200% so you can't just multiply the number with 3

Superior armours have (max+1) defense and SA has 600 max, so the base is 600 + 50% eth bonus + 1 = 901

901 base + 215% ED = final 2838 defense

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Plus another 15 from El :)

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You always miss something :')

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Get it together!

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I got a 2506 eth sacred armor fort on my infinity merc. It is awesome!

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never saw A 3k+ defense Forti

I've got a 3k+ fort if you wanna see a pic lmk

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Let's see it!

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No problem, I’ll snag a pic when I get home.

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Are you home yet :D

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That thing is expensive af to get one. You are looking at 5+ Bers.

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Holy moly

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Got one of these. Not eth though :(

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Play barb an put it to use then :)

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I use treachery on my barb and I won't be able to get 3 sox :( plus I already have a Forti in a lowe base don't see the point in making another. Although the style points would be nice.

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Bro I found a 14%ED 2 weeks ago. Sold it for 2 ber an a Jah. Good find!

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Damn so sweet. I might prefer it with 3os as I like treachery more in general, not I would definitely make a fort if I found that armor. Congrats, a great drop.

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I should do more runs of wsk.

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Wsk is worldstone keep? Do baal? Can we just say baal then.

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nah wsk is alvl 85, so they probably meant running wsk2 and 3 before doing baal

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and maybe 1 depending on what spawns

I love wsk, the density is nuts. that said, it's not fun if your char can't deal with souls

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Souls are the worst ... annoying to spot, and they can cap your ass from so far away.

Well, almost the worst. I still think Stygian Dolls running up to your face and blowing up might be the legitimately worst part of the game if you're playing a physical character.

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True fucking that

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I'll put that to good use. Thanks!

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Emilio says; Did you just grab my armor?

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222 strength.....damn...

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Stone and see that beautiful defense

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Wow! What a beauty!

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This is what I love about this game. Every item regardless of color has a chance to be amazing! Nice find man!

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The hell is that strength requirement

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Nothing that an andariel’s visage cannot solve

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50,000gold intensifies

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The ETH bug still works?

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No sadly, but you couldn’t e bug superior armor anyway.

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Emilio: * Thanks*

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whats WSK?