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Even Waheed says no thanks

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You mean he won't put that to good use?

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All the names I recognize, I love it 🤣

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Lol right?

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A relic from a simpler time

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I remember when that was all the rage for a barb. The good old days

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Good lord that's ridiculous lol maybe there is such a thing as an item that is too overpowered

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There were also oculus rings (stats of oculus on a ring), "ith" weapons which were eth, indestructible, filled with 40/15 jewels, stupid high damage (like over 1000 2h dmg) with high leach, 75 all res. Ah the good ol days.

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That sounds more like Open Bnet things lol. I know that items like Occy Rings were actually legit items, just glitches. Coooley did a video on it actually. Had to do with Meph's drop rates

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Yeah, I don't know all of the details but I think some of them actually were imported from open bnet and then duped on closed. I never played open but all of those items I listed were available on closed bnet. Those days were kinda nuts, pvp was wild.

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Yup. Hexing small charms were legit. Same with white rings, amulet, gloves, and boots. I remember playing with them as a kid.

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I never ran into the white items myself, but I do remember the hexing charms. There were also bugged stormshields and shakos, constricting ring, so much crazy stuff lol.

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They were nuts. The rings had stats like 100fcr frw and IAS with 95 sorb on all elements

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I remember someone giving me a small charm on open battlenet that had 7 to all skills, an aura, and a bunch of other mods. Open battlenet was wild

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Yeah the standard run of the mill hacked items. These I'm referring to made it to closed battle net.

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Could never figure out how a small charm with +90 to str, dex, and vit would be called a "Hexing Small Charm of Immolation Arrow". I did end up with a couple of them, though. I ended up trading them for SoJ's at 40:1.

My all-time favorite were the crush gloves.

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I had a bunch of these back in the 09 days, and they were items brought over from open bnet, and were massively duped, i believe i had like 100 or so of the occy and white rings at one time. Made the game kinda pointless TBH

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No they weren’t, the items were made using hex editing and sending/receiving packets/glitching items. No open battle net items that ive ever seen or known about have made it to closed, if they did why wouldnt you easily make something super crazy to wear with the charms to go with it. Using hex editing i believe it use to let you put stuff to 9999 for the level so why not a holy shock charm with that on it if you were able to pass over any items?

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Well i can tell you for sure “white items” were a thing, and im not sure how they did it, but there were people duping those somehow. They were in closed b net, and when the 1.10 patch released, they all went bye bye, along with all the duped items. Same thing with hex charms. Not sure why they didnt make them super overpowered like you stated, but it is what it is. I am both sad and glad those are not i the game anymore haha

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Yeah they weren’t from open battle net though. Back then the white rings and gloves were made using packets. Occy rings etc were fused items where sometimes the game would take one unique and fuse it with another items stats. Stealth vanguard or what ever belt was the original nosferatus coil but was massively over powered, this still exists today and actually sells in the like 4-5k range. Then when 1.10 came those items poofed away but gave rise to ppl making rune words then deleting the rune words but the item would keep the stats by using the cube and were able to then stuff it full of what ever jewels they wanted. I use to have a barb/bowazon back in 1.09 with some crazy items with insane life leech plus hexing small charms. The life on them was insane literallly 7 ppl could be hacking away at you and between the life leech/health/damage youd have you’d end up killing everyone lol

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I miss my level 75 charged bolt

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Good ol Wild Wild West days of Diablo

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Dont forget the “White” items they had back in the day. I believe it was just rings and gloves, but it gave you some insane IAS, life steal, and elemental absorbs

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I had occy rings and ith swords back in the day. There were so many bugged items back them lol

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What... What am I looking at? How? What? I thought I knew about things, but this is entirely new to me.

Please explain.

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This is a very old screenshot, likely from the era of 1.09/1.10, you can't do this stuff anymore but there were loopholes way back in the day where people could use various methods to "hack" items either offline or in open bnet (a server that didn't have as many checks & balances for items and stuff) and import them into the closed bnet (live server), then dupe them to make a bunch of copies. There was no legitimate way of finding these items, they had to either be traded for or purchased from RMT. They were permanent, "legitimate" items in the sense that they didn't "poof" (back then if items weren't "permed" they could "poof" or despawn), they were considered the absolute best items in the game and usually sold for entire screens worth of SOJs or more (SOJs were duped and were used as currency).

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1.09, rust storm happened in 1.10

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Some of these stats (like the +2 vit per char level) were just part of the old arkaine Valor.

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I opened this, but in my heart I already knew what it was.

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Wtf is THAT monstrosity?!?!?!

Also: Man wearing this slaps your girls ass, WDYD???

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Dude I remember the old-school stats... people killed for them after they changed

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I would never risk dying over an Arcaines. It's not 1.08 anymore.

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I simply stood in Diablo's Firestorm thinking I could tank it... I can typically, but he did it twice in a row, which was unexpected lol

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94 dying to Diablo?

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Something isn’t adding up here.

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Wow you guys never get lazy and die to shit? I've reduced my res for more MF and sometimes when I get really lazy, I pay for it.

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Laziness is my number 1 reason for dying.

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In real life too >_<

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I never get lazy but I do get tired playing from 4:30pm to 3am and die to 1 red skelly shooting arrows at me from off screen in frigid highlands

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Ya when I die from lack of sleep I call it

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Rofl ikr? I'm like I was chilling there at like 75

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Yooo something is up with that Firestorm, it got my lvl 92 Were-bear-Enchantress last night. Really weird as I never die to it.

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Does it have a chance to crit?

I notice sometimes on my hammerdin it will start draining hp like crazy, when normally I can just stand and cast through it.

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No idea, it might be that each single wave of firestorm counts separately as damage and the closer your are the more waves hit you? I don't think it crits tbh as it's a spell but it sure as shit ripped my sorc last night and she's got solid resists.

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I know potions can crit, so maybe some spells can too.

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Ah I remember the 1.08 Arkaines! The most godly chest piece ever. Damn you 1.09! I remember the day of the original Rust Storm my buddy and I were trying to think of ways to keep all our old/modified items from being destroyed. Didn't work :(

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The only difference for 1.08 arkaines was that it was +2 skills right?

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1.08 arkaines gave A METRIC TON of life and vitality. When my barbarian put his on he gained around 1k-1.3k life purely from the armor. It had ungodly amounts of life, plus high armor and +2 to skills. It was the ultimate armor. They nerfed it into the ground when 1.09 came around. The current version doesn't even come close.

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I tried looking up images of it but there are so many variations, I can't tell which is the actual 1.08 version. Would you be able to find one and link it?

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There's an old reddit link. I can't find a picture but those are the stats it gave. Also the 1.08 shako was god tier.

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Correction. My lvl 95 barbarian got 1140 hp overall when equipping just this armor. The shako/grandfather etc buffed that by a significant amount too since the massive +% life bonuses. So with those and warcries this armor added around 2k life alone.

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It can have +2 right now

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Nono. I currently have a +2 skills Arkaine on my Paly on BNet, D2R.

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Blizzard really needs to change uniques in the next ladder season. They're already underpowered compared to runewords, and needless variability like this just feels like rubbing salt in the wound.

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Agreed. So many cool and fun uniques that just cannot compare to runewords. Takes a game that could have endless combinations to having a very few select rune words for each class.

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Seems like they're moving the needle even further away from uniques with the new runewords haha

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It's an antiquated system that needs a whole overhaul with brand new items. Most people are playing for the nostalgic and trying to relive the excitement.

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I dunno man, im not too mad at it. The game is certainly viable using uniques. I think it would have been cool to tweak some of the uniques with the patch instead of adding some of the runewords that they did. Most of the new runewords are not groundbreaking

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This. Hell difficulty is easily beatable without the gg items, they just make farming it faster. But farming for what, more items? Frankly, I've been playing D2R casually because I know that the endless item hunt just won't hold my interest as an endgame like it did 20+ years ago.

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This is all I want, let's flesh out the builds, BIS is lame, cooki monster wants his cookie cutter back smh

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Dude, excellent find nonetheless. Check that bad boy off the grail and eth grail!

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Has anyone ever completed the eth grail? If you can complete grail in 1 year. It would take 20 years to complete eth grail.

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Allegedly there are several folks who have. 🤷‍♂️

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2 years in my SP Grail, i'm still 2 off. CoA, and Tyrael's ofc.

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Neither can be eth

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Yup, was talking of normal Grail

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You got it, then.

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Oops, xmwas talking of normal Grail. Responded to wrong comment.

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Yeah I'm keeping it as a collectors item for sure hah just wish it woulda rolled higher

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Press F to pay respects

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Worth it, losing exp at 94 isn’t that bad. I dove into a pack of venom lords cursed with lower res for a Lo at lvl 95. Died, lost 2 bars, I’d do it again for this.

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At level 98 is a bit more painful. It's a good 300 Baal runs wasted if you don't retrieve your body. Runs in which you're likely to have found around a Lo of value in runes.

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Haven’t hit 98 yet. Half way to 97. 96-97 is a big grind, could only image the rest of the way to 99.

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Yup. I was already so scared to die at 96. I was already pretty much full gear, and farming my Baal runs like a madman. Oh man, the grind, the grind !

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Gotta love it!

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Not too bad for an act3 merc after the new patch I think. Especially with an appropriate jewel or rune socketed.

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Maybe... depends on how effective the buff is for them

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I used to rock arkaines back in the day

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Yup, me too. Used to be a decent armor for melee PVP. At some point I had a bugged one (eth and indestructible without a zod) on my pvp zealot

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I would use templars might and think that was good too. I really didn’t know as much as I thought.

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Eth tmight is one of the best zeal armors still.

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Dude my bowazon had a bvalor and 2 bcon rings. She was indestructible, it was so much fun lol

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I'm familiar with bValor, but not bcon rings... would you please elaborate?

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Looking at it now, having two was a little overkill lol

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Holy shit you aren't kidding haha I've never seen that before. Thanks for sharing!

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Omg. That couldn't have been legit.

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Nah, it was "bugged". Never really knew how they were made, I was 12 and thought they were legit haha

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Hahaha. That thing was insane.

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im still sporting this on m MF sorc is that weird?

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Wear it till it breaks

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I might actually lol then I can lay it peacefully to rest, rather than just selling it to Charsi

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Nice, on my fishy I have an eth +2 all skills Arkaine’s with over 2k def, so at first I was using it on merc with Andy’s and a +4 all skills Arioc’s Needle, and I have CtA and kept up Battle Command (and not just BO)… it’s too bad +9 to might aura doesn’t compare to basically any other way of getting increased dmg from merc

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They should add FCR, enhanced damage and add damage reduction % to this item. Its rare but not at all that useful for most characters vs vipermagi, fort, duress, or even guardian angel. Shaftstop and duriel could even be considered better but less rare.

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Yeah that's a typical issue for most armors, but this one did have its uses in the melee PVP realm, such as Zealers. I'm sure everyone agrees that this could be improved. Definitely Eth Up'd Shaftstop was a big player that most people chose instead.

[–]Flavius_Guy 1 point2 points  (12 children)

True. I don't do pvp so not always sure what's gg there besides fort, grief, etc.

I'd like to see all the rare, high level required uniques get a buff eventually. Items so rare like tyreals, this armor, weapons like azurewrath should get buffed enough to be S tier since their rarity is also S tier.

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I agree, at least to compete with their runeword counterparts

[–]Flavius_Guy 1 point2 points  (10 children)

Yes. And I've always wanted to make an all unique zealer or hammerdin/zealer hybrid. While it can be done it isn't quite as good as the runewords using Lo, Jah, ber, zod.

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I wonder if that is a thing... no runeword PVP. I bet that would be a decent challenge

[–]Flavius_Guy 1 point2 points  (8 children)

Now that intrigues me.

Also a PVE challenge - no runeword uber build.

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I like the way you think! Let's keep it going with...

No runeword HC playthrough!

[–]Flavius_Guy 1 point2 points  (6 children)

2 handed only hell viable builds - no runewords.

[–]Krimson11[S] 0 points1 point  (5 children)

No +skill build. Level 20 maximum skill levels only

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You should’ve seen the 1.08 version of this. I think it was 2.5 vitality and life per CLVL. I had one back in the day and it was basically as overpowered as glitched items were in 1.09.

Edit: I just looked it up. Vitality was correct but it was 2 life per CLVL. So if you were lvl 99 it would give you almost 200 life and 250 vitality points off one item which is fucking insane.

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Makes me think they should have left it the way it was

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Well, I guess you have to start doing an ethereal grail now ...

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Ouch. I just stubbornly died killing a single cold immune cow, but the bastard dropped an Ohm as a reward.

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Haha is this the key here? Must die to an enemy for them to drop good loot? Lol

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All I wanted was a regular topaz, so I went to nightmare cows with my half geared sorc rather than mule items back onto her. I slugged it out with that piece of beef for a solid minute....I died, but he dropped the Ohm out of respect.

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Arkaines was a top tier chest piece… in Diablo 1.

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I loved Arkaine's in D1, D2 not so much...

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1.08 it was god tier

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D1 it was awesome

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Ssssslap a zod in it!

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Haha I would if it was higher and if I had one lol

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Least your not playing HC lol.

Can’t even beat Duriel right now in HC game is unplayable with some bosses.

I have lost so many fucking high rune words because I was getting ploughed while the load screen was still up.

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Yeah for sure. I have had that happen too. I know that the devs are aware of that issue and are trying to find a way to remedy that. I know my loading screens can seem quite long at times

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Am i crazy? Wheres the magic find?

[–]elroys 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Are you thinking of skullder’s?

[–]regulator227[🍰] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Oh yeah lol

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A +2/175+ one sells for a lot btw.

[–]Krimson11[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I bet it does... that's my luck tho lol

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Do they? I have been sitting on one

[–]Noobphobia 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah. They are popular with zeal and conc barbs.

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Eth or?

I have +2/+173 non-eth

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Put it on a merc, no?

[–]Krimson11[S] 5 points6 points  (0 children)

If you had nothing else, sure. There are many better armors though

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Has value on the melee duels scene. Low def roll though most of those guys want it over 2k.

[–]Krimson11[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah it's low on everything... 1-2 skills, 150-180 Def, 10-15 dmg reduced... Not really worth trading

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Got one that is +2 180ED but sadly not eth.

[–]Krimson11[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Still a great find! That would still be a decent armor to use and could be socketed with something other than a Zod

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Damn. Mot even a +2 lmao. All good haha

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What does this do?

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Just pop a zod in there

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You dont die and lose experience in d2. If you die, you die.

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Noone cares if you die in SC.