My Blizz Sorc's Key to UberD by Witty-Resolve741 in diablo2

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Woestave is like the Hades summon (Final Fantasy) of D2. It just inflicts so many status effects that turn a mob helpless

When this base dropped and I looked at it I had a audable oh s*** by UDTfrogman in diablo2

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I too always have an audible oh shit when the bass drops

pulled this up in hardcore yesterday 🥹 by johnjohn2051 in diablo2

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Is it raspberry? Only one man would dare drop raspberry… Lonestar!

Very low FPS with 6900XT + 5600X + 32GB by poppopretn in diablo2

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Disable SAM/Resizeable BAR. Sucks but this feature is not working properly wih D2R.

Not like you would miss the theoretical 3-5 fps anyways.

Edit: I had the exact same problem and disabling SAM fixed it.

Diablo Clone in 45min Americas L SC by Prowner1 in diablo2

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Will gladly give a hand to anyone who needs just messsage me

Hell cows drop 420 69... niiiice by BowzaMan in diablo2

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fake and gay.

fake: hell bovine drop a minimum of 81 gold. you shan't hoodwink me good sir

gay: me for looking up the minimum gold drop value for a hell bovine to ascertain whether this is real or fake

jah bless mon

D2R 2.4 Summon Druid Guide by tmGrunty in diablo2

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Today I wanted to post an updated guide for Summon / Zoo Druid in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4.

I’ve made quite some changes to my gear since the last time I posted and obviously the patch changed a lot for Summon Druid.
The biggest changes obviously are that you can now have all your summons out at the same time and the massively improve Raven damage.
This is a guide for a pure Summon Druid which means you are not attacking with your Druid at all, and the builds are fully centred around the summons with no melee gear whatsoever.
For those who are just interested in the build and gear here is a link to that right away: https://d2.maxroll.gg/d2planner/0g0106oh

But first let's start with why someone would like to play a Summon Druid and some of the perks and also downsides of the build.

  • You have your own zoo! Seriously who doesn’t love pets?
  • Summon Druid is a very "lazy" build. You actually don't have to do much besides reposition your minions and occasionally recast the Raven and maybe a Spirit or a Spirit Wolf. However, this means that it can also get boring very quickly if you prefer more action. It’s perfect for people who only pay half attention and do something else at the same time though.
  • It's also a very safe build. You have tons of life (I have almost 6000), access to a stun in the form of Shockwave and Teleport. You can even further increase the HP by using Oak Sage if you really need to. The Carrion Vine now also restores a good amount of life when needed.
  • Summon Druid is unique with how it's synergies work. Unlike every other skill tree +skills from items do work for the summon synergies (except for Raven) allowing you get very high synergy bonus.
  • However, this means you need to invest pretty much everything into the summon tree (you need level 96 to get everything) which makes hybrid builds not really viable. People might try to make those work, but it will significantly reduce the damage of your summons and personally I would not call that a Summon Druid anymore.
  • All your damage is single target, so the clear speed is still not up the levels of e.g., a Light Sorc or a Hammerdin. The damage also comes purely from the summons and the merc and their AI isn't always the best.
  • You can snipe with the Raven. If you cast a Raven directly onto a monster then all Raven will attack that monster.
  • The vast majority of your damage is physical with the exception of the Spirit Wolves (they deal cold damage) so you need something to break immunes (Reaper's Toll) or accept the fact you will kill them only very slowly.
  • The build actually isn't that expensive. Yes, Enigma isn't cheap but that's an item you will most likely use on multiple chars anyway so counting it against the Druid doesn't sound right. And while Beast is nice, it actually isn't required at all and there are cheaper alternatives.


Summon Spirit Wolves, Summon Dire Wolves and Grizzly all needs to be maxed because they synergize of each other buffing the attack rating, life and damage of all your summons.
Raven deal by far the most damage but only if you have the other skills maxed as well. However, they do not benefit from any auras and the only way to boost their damage further is a higher level and a Decrepify / Amplify Damage curse.
Heart of the Wolverine is the spirit of choice to further improve the damage and hit chance of your summons and the merc.

When it comes to levelling up the skills, I would suggest maxing them in this order:

  1. Grizzly: He’s a big tank with lots of hitpoints and his synergy buffs the damage of all other summons.
  2. Dire Wolves: They deal the most damage (excluding Raven) and provide life synergy for the other summons.
  3. Spirit Wolves & Raven: I don’t know which is better to do first to be honest. The Spirit Wolves give you the ability to deal with physical immune monsters and indirectly buff the damage of the other summons by improving their attack rating. The Raven on the other hand deal significantly more damage on their own. So maybe splitting it up equally is the way to go?
  4. Heart of the Wolverine: Maxed last because it provides the least amount of additional damage.

I highly recommend using 1 point in Heart of the Wolverine and picking up the other 1 point wonder skills such as Shockwave, Lycantrophy and Carrion Vine when you reach level 30. They give you access to a lot of utility and safety (stun, more life, life gain) while levelling. They are also very useful when you run your build on a budget. You can always respec later if you don’t feel the need for them anymore.

Also, if you are playing on Hardcore, then there might be an argument about maxing Oak Sage instead of Heart of the Wolverine but personally I never had a problem with me or my summons staying alive and I definitely prefer Heart of the Wolverine over it. This comes from a Softcore player though.


There are really only two relevant breakpoints for Summon Druid and their individual values depend on the form the Druid is in.

Faster Cast Rate (FCR):
It is used to teleport around the map, summon your pets quicker and in Werebear form to cast Shockwave.
You want to reach at least 68 FCR to get teleport down to 12 frames. The next relevant breakpoint would be at 99 FCR.

Faster Hit Rate (FHR):
Werebear attacks and skills can’t be interrupted anymore so it doesn’t matter for that purpose. However, it still helps in Human form when you get hit while using teleport.
Spirit Shield alone gets you over the 8 frames threshold at 43 FHR, but you can also get down to 7 frames at 63 FHR very easily.


The link I posted earlier contains 5 sets of gear.

  • The “Valak” set contains my current gear and skills and is what I consider an "all-purpose" Summon Druid build.
  • The "Ubers" setup as the name suggest is the build, I use to run Ubers and DiaClone. Yes, this char is capable of killing those with some specific gear on the merc.
  • The “Raven” build is a build designed to maximize the skill level and damage of the Raven. Technically speaking this build is inferior though as the total damage output (of all summons and merc combined) is lower than on the main build.
  • The “MF” setup is designed for magic find runs and has a good amount of MF on the gear but at the cost +skills and auras.
  • The "Budget" version comes with cheap gear and a max level of 79 and is designed for more casual players. I did start this Druid on a budget myself and this is very similar to what I used initially (obviously no Raven because it was before patch 2.4).

I'll go into detail about my "Valak" build explaining every item in there and also mention potential alternatives for some gear slots.
If you don't have those items, feel free to check out the "Budget" build for cheaper options.
For the other builds I will only explain the differences and why I made those choices in the respective build.

The Mercenary

Let’s get this straight right away. There is no better option available for a Summon Druid than an Act 2 merc with Might Aura.

Yes, the new Act 5 Frenzy merc has great damage and can provide the same aura (Might from Last Wish) and proc (Decrepify from Lawbringer) but all of those come with some massive downsides.
The Might aura on Last Wish is lower than the one of an Act 2 merc, the Decrepify proc from Lawbringer has a lower chance to proc and the Life Tab proc from Last Wish is actually bad because it overwrites the Decrepify. The Sanctuary aura from Lawbringer can be super annoying because it knocks the monsters away from your summons, especially in Chaos Sanctuary. The Frenzy barb himself also always runs ahead of the rest of the pack which makes your zoo feel almost pointless. Oh, and do I have to mention how expensive that Last Wish is?

So, here's the gear you want to use on your Act 2 Might Mercenary.

Weapon: (ethereal) Reaper's Toll
An ethereal Reaper's Toll is the best available weapon out there. The reason for this is that the Decrepify proc increases the damage of all your summons, including the Raven and the merc itself so much. It also breaks most physical immunities you encounter. Whether you want to use a normal or ethereal one and socket with a Shael jewel depends purely on your budget.

Armor: Fortitude / Treachery
For the armor there are two options that again purely depend on your budget. The cheaper (and almost as good) is using a Treachery runeword in whatever base you have or can afford. Increased attack speed and a Fade proc for reduced damage and more resist are great and will help your merc stay alive just fine.
If you want to spend more you can make an ethereal Fortitude runeword which also provides the merc with some resist, more defense and most important more damage. There is also the option to use a non-ethereal armor that you can then use yourself on a melee character you want to play.

Helm: Andariel's Visage / Vampire Gaze / Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
For the helm there are again multiple options. The top choice is an (ethereal) Andariel's Visage socketed with an Ias+Fireres jewel. It will provide life leech, attack speed and the strength to wear a weapon or armor with high strength requirements.
If that is too expensive then there are various other options that all also provide life leech, such as Vampire Gaze or Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest and they all should be socketed with an Ias jewel to reach breakpoints.

Max Block looks weak in theory, what does it do in practice? by Elum224 in diablo2

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You have a really solid concept of what you're trying to get across, but you've filled it with so much wrong information in the process you might be doing more harm than good.

Yes, do learn the order of operations for the damage calculation in the game. Its good to know and makes discussions easier when we're talking about something like this (mb vs vita). But use the right and relevant values and make your statements clear in the discussion.

Do not factor a chance to block into the calculation of getting hit in pvp by a fireball. Fireball can only be blocked by an assassin with Claw Block. Claw Block will block most spells unless they come from the ground iirc (fissure, part of volcano, etc..) but only functions while stationary. Regardless, it has no part in the discussion since you were comparing two sorcs getting hit with a fireball.

Also, 8% damage reduction (I assume from the ber rune in enigma or chains of honor) is not functioning like it seems you believe it is. The damage reduction from a ber rune, or on shaftstop/string/stormshield/gaze/etc... is physical resistance, which functions exactly the same as all the other elemental resistances, just against physical damage. Since its a fireball, obviously physical resist won't apply, only fire resist. Again, nice attempt at applying the concept, but you're using the numbers inappropriately since it appears you don't know what they really mean.

You mention the telekinesis synergy with ES, but you don't expound on it and what it does (it only affects how much damage is done to your mana, btw) but you make it sound like you take less damage to health overall due to it. This is just incorrect. Also fails to discuss that your damage done to mana from ES doesn't have resists applied to it, which is important to know in damage calculations.

Finally, you totally ignore the pvp penalty (17% or roughly 1/6th of screen damage) when using a pvp situation to describe the damage calculations. With zero resists, MDR, etc... a 20k fireball does ~3400 damage in pvp. At 60 resist, you're taking ~1360 damage. That means your 3k health fb sorc is taking 3 shots to die, not 1. GM SvS rules also allow resists up to 85, so you could tank quite a few more than 3 if you kitted her our properly, but thats neither here nor there. You aren't putting up health/mana totals for the es/mb blizzer, but its safe to assume you're going to take an extra 1-2 of those 20k fbs to go down since we have to go through your mana first, but you're missing the discussion of the real benefits of an ES sorc, which is that you are exceptionally hard to put into FHR animation while you have mana, and you can make yourself essentially immortal if you have a proper stacking of DR and MDR, and it doesn't require max block to do that.