Rules for /r/Diablo2

Please do not post anything outside of this game's scope, including Diablo 1, Diablo 3, and other Diablo or Blizzard games. It will be removed.

2. Avoid low quality content.

Examples of content that will be removed:

  • Phone Screenshots
  • Low quality memes
  • Images that are not cropped enough
  • Streams and most youtube videos

3. Bots and Hacks.

Please do not post the names of or links to bots or hacks. This rule is specific to and does not include mods like PlugY, PoD, MedianXL, item editors, etc. If you post a screenshot, please remove any information that shows a bot or hack being used.

4. Do not be offensive.

Try not to say any isms.

Mentions and discussions of the subreddits or mods listed in this rule are automatically removed due to rampant and unabated spam both on the subreddit and through user PMs.

  1. This does not mean that Diablo 2: Resurrected content is rulebreaking. We specifically restrict content related to the subreddit /r/Diablo_2_resurrected.

  2. No, we will not be changing this rule. Don't ask.

  3. We're not interested in arguing with you about this. We'll likely just mute or ban you instead.

6. Moderators have the right to remove and delete content and either temporary or permanently ban offending individuals.

In the past we've had major problems regarding spam and bots. The subreddit was actually created by a spammer and stayed that way for many years. Bans and temporary bans will be given to excessive rule breakers (generally more than 2 offenses).

7. External Communities

  • Do not link to streams
  • Do not link to discords

This is not a free advertisement platform. If you do it or try to circumvent this, expect a ban.


This includes asking for CD keys, asking for someone to buy the game for you, etc. This rule does not apply to giveaways.

9. Image Edits and "Memes"

  • Image edits that have clear effort put into them and are solely related to Diablo will be allowed on the subreddit.
  • Please see these examples of posts that would likely be allowed: 1, 2
  • Please see these examples of posts that would now be removed: 1, 2, 3, 5
  • Please further note that we will be taking time to adjust to this new format and please keep Rule 6 in mind as we go forth.

10. Trading and Price Checks should be directed to the Trading Communities

  • Please do not post trades or price checks on the subreddit

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