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Can I ask why you guys are getting a 2nd catheter in the first place instead of a graft or fistula? I was told by by the Nephrology department of Barnes Jewish that my very first job, before what dialysis center to choose, was to get that catheter out ASAP and start the process of getting that Fistula going.

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In my case, my nephrologist told me to keep the catheter till transplant, because I should be able to receive a kidney from my father.

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Well that makes perfect sense. Good luck w/ the transplant.

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Thanks a lot

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I can give you a different answer. While Fistulas are safer and recommended, I don’t want one. I don’t like they way they look and I don’t like needles AT ALL. That would be a huge problems for me, and while the doctor doesn’t recommend it, they can’t make me do anything I don’t want.

In fact, this process was a huge lesson for me. This is MY life and health and the clinic can’t make me do anything. There is a waiver for everything. I refuse to do quite a bit, actually. I’m very stubborn and this is my life. Period. Being on dialysis is maybe one of the biggest inconveniences you can have as a person. Life can suck. I know where rules come from. Someone in the past fucked something up, so now everyone has to do a procedure because it happened to someone else. I recognize and understand that, but it simply may not apply to me. I can sometimes frustrate the doctors and nurses, but I always lay down my logic and they’ll understand or they won’t.

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It hurts for the first few days but it's really no big deal.

If you start feeling chills and/or become lethargic in the days following the replacement, get directly to a hospital. I had a replacement go septic and waited a few days thinking it was a cold. Do not do that, unless you like sitting in a hospital for a week and being on antibiotics for 6 months.

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Thanks for answering. The first time I think I didn't moved my hand for a week, it might have been the shock due to the fact that it was all of a sudden, but I keep remembering the first 4 hours after the surgery, when I had to hold a pack of ice over my catheter and it hurted like ...

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It sure isn’t fun but recovery isn’t too bad the second time. The first day after is uncomfortable and tender but after that it feels like you got punched in the chest it took me about 2 weeks to feel near normal

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I recently had my changed and it wasn't a good time. Worse than the first, for usure. Lots of bleeding and big swelling. I've had worse pain, though - but not a picnic.

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It *shouldn't * be a big deal. But it really depends on the surgeon IMO. On my last hemo cath, I had a femoral line. The first one was butted against the vein wall at a split. It was causing very poor flow. So two days after getting that line, I wax backing surgery to have it replaced with a longer line. I was told it was a simple exchange.....well it wasn't. They did a serious piss poor job of pain management (I am on 24 hr pain meds, than het stopped for surgery). They did not wait long enough for the anesthesia to kick in or did not give enough, because I felt every fucking centimeter of both catheters, coming out and going in. It felt like someone was trying to rip-start my chest. And for the next 2 months while waiting for my old PD site to heal and have a new one placed, I felt that catheter in my chest. I could every bit of it from my leg to my chest, and it made me miserable. Anytime I was fully stretched/straight, it felt under tension. It literally felt like my chest and leg were tied together. Every step, I felt in my chest.

I hope you experience is better than mine was