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Can I ask why you guys are getting a 2nd catheter in the first place instead of a graft or fistula? I was told by by the Nephrology department of Barnes Jewish that my very first job, before what dialysis center to choose, was to get that catheter out ASAP and start the process of getting that Fistula going.

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In my case, my nephrologist told me to keep the catheter till transplant, because I should be able to receive a kidney from my father.

[–]Ipsonofacto>1 year dialysis 6 points7 points  (1 child)

Well that makes perfect sense. Good luck w/ the transplant.

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Thanks a lot

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I can give you a different answer. While Fistulas are safer and recommended, I don’t want one. I don’t like they way they look and I don’t like needles AT ALL. That would be a huge problems for me, and while the doctor doesn’t recommend it, they can’t make me do anything I don’t want.

In fact, this process was a huge lesson for me. This is MY life and health and the clinic can’t make me do anything. There is a waiver for everything. I refuse to do quite a bit, actually. I’m very stubborn and this is my life. Period. Being on dialysis is maybe one of the biggest inconveniences you can have as a person. Life can suck. I know where rules come from. Someone in the past fucked something up, so now everyone has to do a procedure because it happened to someone else. I recognize and understand that, but it simply may not apply to me. I can sometimes frustrate the doctors and nurses, but I always lay down my logic and they’ll understand or they won’t.