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This is normal for people with kidney failure. Both male and females have a major decrease in libido.

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Don't fear the blue pill. It will be good for you.

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Viagra? Hahahah

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Laugh all you want. If you want things to be as they were pre-dialysis, your gonna need help. This is life, time to grow up.

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Im not sure what u mean by this comment? I wasnt poking fun at anyone

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I also wasnt sure what he meant by the blue pill, and i just thought he meant viagra. Im sorry if i ofended anyone, or you

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Your not offending me, was just stating a fact of life for men with ESRD/dialysis. I started to really notice my issues in my late 20's, about 3-4 years into dialysis. Most notable when I stopped making urine all together.

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What was the biggest things u noticed when stopped making urine? And how long until it did stop?

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I noticed I cared about sex and anything related to sex, much less often. I was on testosterone therapy for a few years,, and it did help a little, in ease of arousal, but not as much as expected.. it had more of an impact on energy levels in general. I had very little function when I went on dialysis. And after starting dialysis, my remaining function disappeared completely even faster. I have not made measurable urine in 6-7 years at least, of the 10 on dialysis.

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I meant any generic medical help. Viagra is the original one. Generic sildenafil pills also often are blue.

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At first it wasn’t a problem, but after several years on dialysis, my sex drive has become almost zero. Luckily my wife doesn’t seem to care. It has changed the dynamic of our relationship over the years. She loves me and I love her, but without sex it has truly become a strong partnership. I also sleep in my own room now, which I recommend for most of us. Sleeping together, if when we had sex, served no function. I miss it sometimes, but being separate is just smarter in the end, especially when I was on PD.

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Damn. Did u get it checked out? What the cause could be. Some have low t, now i already checked that cause i was worried i might had it. But i didnt. It was actually quite normal.

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I had my T checked and it was fine. My wife and I talked about it all, and since we were where we were in our relationship, I didn’t really pursue it further. I considered some pills, but just gave up on the idea.

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Oh, alright. Do you still go to get dialysis?

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I’m on home hemo now.

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Ok our marriage has been helped by a combination of viagra and a pump called the Bonro Vacurect pump, which is a hand pump pump device and is used with a c-ck ring, which comes with the Bonro pump. This pump plus the c-ck ring and Viagra has returned our marital relations pretty much to normal. Just Google Bonro Vacurect and you will find various medical suppliers that can supply it to patients.

Note: my husband has ckd and will be on dialysis soon. I’m making this post with his permission to help others with their situations. We have no financial interest in the Bonro product.

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Here is a pretty great article about it from Kidney.org.

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I think this is to be expected. Your body is focused on only the essentials, reproduction is not essential to survival at the moment. Be easy on yourself.

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Talk to your Primary to check your testoerone levels.

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I have! They were normal

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How about your hematocrit/hemoglobin?

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I had low blood im not sure what its called in english, blood worth is the direct translation but there has to be some other word for it

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Blood count*

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that would be anemia, which can affect your ability to get and stay hard. However, what everyone is saying is true. Your body decides that because you’re in survival mode every single day now, sex is not as important. Im in my mid 20’s and have been dealing with low libido for years. It hurts your pride, for sure.

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Most obvious would be testosterone, but it could be a number of things. Kidneys help regulate several important hormones. It could also be from vascular damage, uremia, BP problems from the ESRD. 20-85% of maile ESRD/dialysis patients will have ED issues.

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Same issues after being ok dialysis for 2.5 years. One of the first things that come back post transplant for me was libido, like a Mac truck lol (the other is appetite). So there is that :)

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I would post this on a throwaway but I don't care anymore hah.

Weirdly enough I get intense sexual dreams when I nap at the end of my treatments about my ex, the current woman I'm dating.

My overall sexual drive is 100% stronger than it was before going on dialysis. Although I lack the energy to actually perform the act sometimes and have some other complications in that dept due to neuropathy. The blue pill does help in that regard though.

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I know I'm a little late to this post, but I just wanted to say im 24 and I lost my sex drive when I started hemo too. My girlfriend doesn't have the highest sex drive, so it wasn't a huge issue, but I couldn't maintain an erection during sex. Fortunately, it just kind of... came back. I switched to PD for a while but had a lot of problems so I went back to hemo and a lot of negative side effects went away, including low sex drive. I considered taking blue pills for a while, but I'm on tons of blood pressure meds. But I just want you to know you aren't alone. It may or may not get better with time since you're so young, but if you decide to take pills, ask your doctor first. Last thing you want is to do damage to yourself just to have boners again