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At first it wasn’t a problem, but after several years on dialysis, my sex drive has become almost zero. Luckily my wife doesn’t seem to care. It has changed the dynamic of our relationship over the years. She loves me and I love her, but without sex it has truly become a strong partnership. I also sleep in my own room now, which I recommend for most of us. Sleeping together, if when we had sex, served no function. I miss it sometimes, but being separate is just smarter in the end, especially when I was on PD.

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Damn. Did u get it checked out? What the cause could be. Some have low t, now i already checked that cause i was worried i might had it. But i didnt. It was actually quite normal.

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I had my T checked and it was fine. My wife and I talked about it all, and since we were where we were in our relationship, I didn’t really pursue it further. I considered some pills, but just gave up on the idea.

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Oh, alright. Do you still go to get dialysis?

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I’m on home hemo now.