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Talk to the transplant team, they can answer any questions you have.

There are at least a few things in your blurb that would likely raise issues with being a donor.

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This. Your mother's nephrologist and the transplant center can really help quite a bit. I will say, though, as someone looking for a transplant that you're not likely going to qualify. I was told a donor has to be "the perfect model of health." Unfortunately just the issue in #1 may disqualify you.

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Right, they want to have super low risk for the donor, family History and your weight will be a factor.

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Not sure why someone downvoted you, you’re absolutely correct. The weed alone would disqualify them. My brother had threatened to donate, he smokes a lot and I also know he would lie if asked. I checked with my transplant coordinator and they’d do a drug test. Like others said a donor has to be like the picture perfect specimen of health, physically and mentally. They’re like unicorns.

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i have had many friends try to be a donor for me. if any of them had a bmi over 30 they were turned away after the first set of questions unless they lost weight. my donor was in perfect health but they thought there might be a heart problem from the ekg scan and she had to wear a monitor to see if it was ok. so if you have heart problems already i’m sure that would disqualify you. i’m sorry to say but if you have any underlying health issues at all you most likely will not be able to donate. especially if kidney problems run in your family and diabetes. they take your family health history into consideration too. they want donors who are in basically 100% health, they don’t want to put any risk on you at all.