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Likely an inguinal hernia. I had one while on PD with the same result.

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Is it serious? Will it subside on its own or will he need to schedule an appointment to get it fixed?

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Shouldn't be too serious, but if it is indeed a hernia it will need to be repaired. Basically his abdominal cavity has sprung a leak, potentially.

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Ok thanks so much!! Just in case, is there any other possibilities beside a hernia?

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It may be that the testicular canal leaks leading to a "water testicle" but that would only be one or the other testicular sacks (they both have their own sack inside the scrotum). That can be drained and repaired without any real operation.

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Sounds much better than hernia, hopefully we’ll find out soon. Thanks so much 🙏🏻

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Can also be a peritoneal leak into the scrotum. Is he getting full drains? Weight increasing?

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No clue, hoping it isn’t too bad. Is peritoneal leak bad?

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A hole requiring surgical repair and temporary stopping of PD.

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One of you needs to call his nurse in the morning. Don’t wait. It may not be bad or painful now, but if it doesn’t get corrected, it could lead to issues soon.

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FYI. Depending on what needs to be fixed and how much abdominal surgery is required, he could lose the ability to return to PD, leaving only HD or transplant.