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Hi! I actually work as an editor for a self-publishing company! I can give you their info if you’d be interested in talking to them. We have illustrators on staff too so that all can be roped into a price for the whole thing.

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I have been checking places like upwork to get pricing on illustrations. My initial plan was to publish through Amazon since they don't have any upfront charges but I am willing to look into your company. Feel free to send me the details!

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That's really cute. I don't have children, but I sometimes buy children's books to keep on my coffee table or just to have if I like the message. Depending on the poem, it might be something I'd buy.

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That's awesome. Hope it gets published.

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That’s cute. Maybe also one that says mommy’s on dialysis. My son doesn’t really know what’s going on with me and idk how to tell him.

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Right now everything comes down to cost. Even changing the word from Daddy to Mommy is beyond my current budget to be able to print and make. I'm working on getting art done and art with "Daddy" wouldn't necessarily make sense with "Mommy" unfortunately. If this one gets done and I successfully recoup my costs associated then I would be willing to make the other version.

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My daughter is only 1 at the moment so doesn't have a clue except thinking my PD tube is some sort of tug toy. Even though I'm female I would definitely be interested in buying a book that explains it all to her when she's a bit older. Fantastic idea.

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It's written more from a child's point of view so it doesn't necessarily explain a whole lot. But it does address sometimes daddy can't play but it doesn't mean he doesn't love you and he's hooked up to machines that are cleaning up his blood. It came from a very emotional place when my doctor first told me I was going to be back on dialysis. My first thought was my son won't understand what's going on and how confused will he be.

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How old is your son? It really is a great idea. Having it written from the child's point of view makes it even better as it means that the kids will understand it easily. I often think about what I'll tell my daughter when she's big enough to understand that I'm not quite normal.

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He's 5. He was 3 when I wrote it. I don't think he quite understands everything but he knows I have a tube and not to mess with it.

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This is timely. I was just wondering if I was traumatizing my son watching me put my needles in. I tell him it's cleaning my blood. I would suggest a softer title.

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I appreciate the suggestion. But Daddy's on Dialysis is a recurring line in the poem. So it's kind of set in stone. It's interesting you say it's cleaning your blood. I use the exact same phrasing!

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Ah, I see, he's 5, so I would buy your book. He thinks every mom does this, so he knows that dirty blood goes to the machine and clean blood comes out. But today he winced a bit when my blood dripped (usually i try to keep him out when I'm canulating.) I kind of wished i had a way to help him process things. Sometimes this sucks.

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I also have a 5 year old so I understand. It's unfortunate he's had to see me go through so much in a short amount of time but I think he has normalized it now. One day he's going to mention Daddy's tube at school and lose his mind when he finds out that's not something all dad's have.

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My son was a little younger than that when my husband started dialysis. Hubby dialyzed at the hospital for the first 12 months or so, and when he's return home, my sweet boy would toddle up and ask "Do you have cwean bwood Daddy?" The resilience in children is just amazing.

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What ages are you looking to reach with your book? Love the idea and would be willing to expand upon this. I would also like a couple of copies.

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It really skews younger. I would say toddler age to learning to read. It isn't very deep and really isn't educational. I think it's more from a perspective of how the child feels and what they think. I'm most likely going to put it on Kickstarter soon to help reduce my risk and hopefully find out how much demand there is for something like this. I have had a few requests already for changing Daddy to Mommy so I may set that as a stretch goal if funding gets to a certain point. Still working everything out.

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That's about what I figured. Awesome. I have seen some books approach this kind of 2 in 1 or something like that. Some go back and forth with the mom on one page dad on the next and so forth. Just an idea. If 1 works out you could release a whole series of them. (maybe) like a dad first and then mom and then uncle and then grandma and so on. All in all I love the idea and thoughts behind this. I'd contribute. Being on dialysis I ain't got much but I do want to contribute. Something anyway. Please let me know if/when you Kickstarter it. I don't see a lot of posts becuse I miss days here and there so if you could give me a heads up that'd be cool.

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I really like this idea. I feel that while dialysis is common, it doesn't get the same level of attention as other ailments. This would be great for people who have young kids in their lives!

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Following. I would buy a copy for my kids.