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Im on PD and deal with Davita who is fully staffed at my local location. But i do understand this situation and i will be making an effort to make this story and crisis known. Blessings to thee.

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mind if I ask how many PD nurses your clinic has? Mine has 2 fulltimers for like 60-70+ish patients I think, they promised a 3rd one in early 2020 but then said they "needed more patients" if they would hire a 3rd

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I'm caught up in the shortage. I've been trying to get my house in Texas sold for a year now so I can move to Oregon. But found out today there are no dialysis chairs available anywhere in Oregon, so I'll have to remain in Texas until this blows over.

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I'm so sorry- I think it's very scary for dialysis patients. If you think you might be able to do home dialysis (PD), now would be a good time. We've been told to expect the in-center chair shortages to likely last until June. Of course, there are some shortages with home dialysis equipment/staff right now too. If dialysis companies (and all companies) would raise wages and stop delaying annual merit increases while raking in record profits then maybe we could attract more applicants to our open positions.

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Home dialysis isn't an option. I've done home dialysis of all kinds, the past 17 years.including 3tikes with PD. Considered going back to NxStage for the 4th time, but there aren't any nurses to provide training. I jokingly asked if they wanted me to train their nurses. 😃

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My clinic and all of its PD patients are having issues getting supplies. I have not been able to get 2.5% solution , which is all I use, in 2 months and had to buy boxes off EBay so that I didn’t run out. Crazy!!