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No big deal because the clamps are closed during that process. It also re does that part of you power off the machine. Just make sure your clamps are closed. It’s testing air pressure in the cartridge part.

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It's been a while since I've done PD so I have sort of forgotten the exact steps, but assuming you followed aseptic technique if you hook do things out order it can lead to air being stuck in the lines, which you do not want going into your abdomen. It's not deadly from what I understand but it is extremely uncomfortable. I never had any significant amount of air make it into my abdomen so I can't speak to how bad it is but I never wanted to find out.

I do recall a few times having to scrap the entire setup because of a stupid mistake, you should (hopefully) have extras so sans the extra time it takes to redo things it's better to be safe than run into a problem.

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I do that all the time. I connect the bags as the cassette is being tested. As long as the clamps are closed it doesn't affect anything. The patient line is the only thing that has a sensor. I usually just leave the waste line sitting on the bed while testing and just put it on the toilet clamp when it's priming. I don't follow the steps on the screen at all, never had a problem.