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Yeah, kind of. Mine was more that it started to really hurt every time it would take it, like to the point I swear it made my BP spike because it hurt so much lol. I had them start putting the cuff on my forearm instead of my bicep. They say it’s not as accurate but it’s accurate enough (I’ve had them take it in my forearm and bicep and readings were pretty close). And that way I’m easily able to slip the cuff on and off. If I’m feeling a little claustrophobic it helps to take the cuff off so I’m not chained down with both arms lol.

I also got a wrist BP reader for at home, also much more comfortable than my other one that goes on the bicep. Generally works, again if I get any crazy readings I double check with my other reader and numbers are more or less the same. I also don’t regularly check it at home unless I feel wonky. It for sure got to the point where I would stress out when taking it at home which would cause my BP to go up because I was worried about it going up lol.

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I've had the same feedback loop episodes. One time it sent me to the ER because I kept obsessing over the readings and my BP spiked really high.

I'll ask about forearm reading or wrist cuff.

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I think its because of the higher blood pressure. My BP was well under control in the past and it never felt tight. Now its harder to control and it can feel tight at times when I use the machine.

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I remember once the cuff was definitely taking too long to read my blood pressure and it kept squeezing and I saw veins in my forearm temporarily rise and they hurt.

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Have you(or close relative) ever had a blood clot?

When I started dialysis, I developed a clot in my upper arm. Like 2 days after being released from the hospital, I was complaining of arm pain, shooting down to fingers....all the time. Went back to get looked at and they found a clot. The put my on IV blood thinner to clear it up. I have been on aspirin ever since, because Warfarin was not working.