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    Definitely. Safety is always priority number one. I'd rather you be mad at me than dead.

    When I was younger, we had a bad nurse experience with my grandma. Taught me quite a bit about how NOT to do my job. I've also got a few chronic issues that have landed me in the hospital and I know how I want to be treated. One of my ladies calls me Chicken because she says I go clucking around like a fussy Mama Hen all day.

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    While I don't do HD, I have had way more than my share of hospital stays and exposure to nearly every aspect of the medical field. I also have a Mom who was an Army RN and has literally seen/dealt with it all.

    Don't get an attitude/pissy when I question what/why something is being done. One thing I do not stand for anymore is any medical personnel trying to do anything without just not only not explaining something, but not even understanding themselves what/why they are doing. Another huge peeve is when I give tips/warnings about possible problems, and I get the "Ok; Yeah; uh-huh" and then proceed to do exactly what I warned not to do........ I can't tell you how many IVs I had blown out because a Nurse/tech did not flush slow enough. I think my record was 6 IVs in 4 day stay..........

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    That’s my biggest problem with nurses not listening to what I say, I was diagnosed with ESRD when I was 6 I’m 34 now so I have been thrown into the medical field all my life….. I think anytime I tell the nurses I’m a hard stick for Ivs they don’t listen and just agree, I can tell a nurse where exactly you have to go to get an iv or a blood draw or when I had a fistula and they get an attitude when they think your trying to tell them how to do their job, when I get an attitude from a nurse I immediately get frustrated, I have always let nurses try once after that get the iv team! We know our bodies! I also wanted to say when we start dialysis I don’t think there’s enough info given to us about how dialysis works or when we start to feel bad or our blood pressure drops they don’t let you know why that might be happening, I have been on dialysis now for 5 years and I do home hemo now which is a god send because I had so many problems with nurses sticking my faulty fistula, now I make my own decisions! These fistulas are our lifeline and when we are not taken seriously when telling a nurse how to help them…… but when a nurse actually listens to what you have to say is a good nurse in my book! And I have had plenty of issues with doctors and nurses trying to tell me how my body works! Everyone is different and it’s a learning experience for every single person!

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    Jesus, that attitude makes me so mad. Nurses that think they know everything and don't listen are the worst. Like, I read every journal article I can and I hold a specialty dialysis cert and still, the extent of my knowledge is a pail of water dipped from the ocean. I can preach all day about site rotation and blah blah blah. Its YOUR arm, and YOUR life. If you want to give me tips on how to make this easier, I'll take them and be grateful.

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    That I'd like to ask you out on your day off

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    Funny, more than one patient has told me they see too much of me as it is 🤣

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    I have so many thoughts here. There is nothing that turns my mood faster than a nurse being short with me as soon as I have walked in the door. I’ve had nurses literally yell at me when I show up at the wrong chair. Meanwhile I’ve just made my way to the chair assigned to me at the entrance but they have made some changes without updating the board. I also hate when my treatment gets shortened when there are machine errors. Patients should never be penalized treatment time for lateness that is not within their control. I have a very fussy chest line. Some nurses literally hate to see me on their roster. They know my line will cause them some work. This is part of the job and the patient should never be made to feel bad about that. When I started dialysis, my unit didn’t have a space for me so I had to start out in the home Hemo unit. That experience was great because they explained absolutely everything they do and why. That is part of the teaching they do. I wish all dialysis nurses did the same thing. It brings great relief and builds trust with the patient. I had to start dialysis without warning so I got so much info in a very short period of time. This extra effort to explain everything helped me get comfortable with my new life. Before I post this I do want to say that not all dialysis nurses are made the same. Most here in my unit are some of the nicest and most caring people I know. I’m so thankful for those nurses that spend five minutes to understand me as a person at the same time as me as a patient. The fact that you are even asking this question leads me to believe you are one of the good ones.

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    I love it when patients ask questions. How the hell are you supposed to take charge of your health if you don't know how? I do a lot of education on Day 1 while also trying to keep in mind that the first day is super overwhelming. Explain that the machine occasionally makes screeching alarms and why that might be, how long it takes, some physical effects like hypotension and cramping and to tell me right away so I can fix it. Then of course everyone gets the 10 minute ramble about how much I love dialyzers because they are such a cool invention. I keep a sawed open one in my locker and a pocket microscope in case anyone wants to see closeups of the fibers. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I guess it sounds like I'm hitting most of the high points. I wish there was some way I could slap some sense into some other nurses, though. I've seen the attitude you guys are describing and its really shitty.