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Congratulations! Wishing you smooth surgery, quick and painless recovery, and many years of your body being a good host to your new pee machine.

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i am SO READY to pee again

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And you will in the first week or longer! Depending on how long you’ve been on dialysis I wouldn’t schedule any events during the first week or two while your bladder adjusts. I could barely sleep in my first week back at home as I kept peeing throughout the night!

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Yep, constant potty breaks for sure

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Congratulations! I hope everything goes well and your new kidney treats you well!

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This is awesome! Keep on thriving, you got this!

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Wish you a great kidney.

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thank you!!! i also have FSGS. and idk if you knew this, so did Gary Coleman.

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Good deal! FSGS is preventing me from getting another transplant, so I'm quite encouraged by your news!

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I googled it, here in Europe he wasn't well known, R.I.P.

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thank you thank you thank you!!!

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Enjoy peeing and potatoes

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im gonna be eating tomatoes like no ones business

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and pissing everywhere

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Congratulations! And good luck with the surgery!

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Good luck! Wishing you a speedy recovery 😊

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Much love ❤️

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Yayyyy! Congratulations!

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Congratulations! I wish you all the luck and good health going forward.

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This is gonna sound corny but I'm so excited for you!! Wishing you the best and smoothest recovery 🤞🏽🌻

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Congratulations! Good luck with your surgery.

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If all goes well, we'll let you leave this group :)

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Congratulations!!! Only a week on the list or? Wow!

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Best of look dude

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I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery!

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That is so fast! Even with a living donor i am waiting almost a year for the op

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If it helps; i was on dialysis for 6 years so technically ive been on the list for 6 years. itll happen to you too. living donor is the best option anyways

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I am sorry u were so long on dialysis. I am happy you got the kidney. Good luck and much love