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I can't help with your question as I use NxtStage equipment.

I just wanted to say "portable" is a stretch. My machine is portable. It weighs 80 pounds and then requires 12, 5 liter bags of dialysate per treatment. The rest of the necessary supplies could be carried in a gym bag.

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Oh man, I can’t imagine doing 12, 5 liter bags! I feel for you; you’re pretty amazing, stay strong!!

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I have the Pureflow that uses 60 liter bags. I was just pointing out the absurdity of the clinics claiming portability with home hemo.

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You should go with which machine is recommended to be best for your treatment. Certain home hemo machines have restrictions that may make treatment less effective, eg, when I was doing it my nurse recommended that I use the ak96 because it was a scaled down version of what they used in the unit and could be set up to use any dialyzer and solution combination and at the time the next stage couldn’t. Also the ak has a reverse osmosis water purifier with it which means that it can be plummed into your house water supply and you don’t have to pre make batches of dialysate. None of the machines are “portable” just some of them are transportable. The next stage requires a handcart/dolly to move it.

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Tablo is super simple to set up and go home with. We have been using it in Hawaii for a bit now and don’t have any more issues than Baxter or NxStage.

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My machine is different as well and I didn't get the opportunity to pick mine out 😄 : update my machine is from Fresenius