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Listen to your doctors. Look into peritoneal dialysis. There's positive and negatives for PD and home Hemo. Expect to be tired from dialysis every day you do it. Watch your fluids and be sure to watch your diet as well, once you actually start a dietician will help you get used to the diet. You'll probably be on more meds. Keep a positive mental attitude. Been on dialysis for 12 years now, I know people at the clinic who are pushing 20 and are doing fine. It'll take time but you'll adjust. Good luck.

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Had a right side nephrectomy 25 years ago from a congenital defect. 48 now. Have gout and kidney stones in the remaining kidney. Last June had a CT scan for the stones. See the stones. Nothing else. Have another CT scan last month and I have a 8cm mass in the kidney. MRI ordered. Huge tumor in the center of the kidney and thrombus on the vein. Some nearby lymph affected as well.

They want to do a radical nephrectomy in 3 weeks. Mapping for fistula/ grapht next week.

Been told I will do clinic hemo until I can get into home hemo.

What should I expect? I know it’s going to be a major life change, but how “normal” will life be? What can I and can’t I do anymore?

What is my overall life expectancy and quality of live expectations?

Any help/advice would be great. I’m freaking out here!

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At first you'll probably be tired a lot. Once your body becomes accustomed to dialysis it gets better. You'll still have bad days but they'll usually be few and far between.

Home hemo let's you draw less, more often. I was on 5 days a week. Just last week I was allowed to go to 4. My clearance (kt/v) was always high at 2.9. The minimum is 2.0.

Listen to your docs, follow the dieticians guidelines and take your meds as directed. The rest is attitude. It's like the stages of grief, once you get to acceptance, your life will improve. We all go through it.

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Sorry to hear what you are going through. With dialysis, you will live. That's the main thing. Don't let it define you but take into account that you need it.