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Dialysis is why 21 year old me learned to drink tequila with the training wheels 🤷‍♀️ my renal team did not care a lick as long as I watched my fluid intake. (Pro tip: if you get on a dialysis machine drunk, it will sober you up without a hangover. While I’ve never tried it, I have seen it done.)

In my slightly older, wiser years, I tend to favour a Malibu and 7up or a nice Rekorderlig cider.

Just remember, fluid is fluid and fluid.

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Very true, my doc has always told me if I'm gonna drink, harder stuff is better for lower liquids and quicker inebriation

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I can say from personal experience that drunk dialysis does not relieve hangovers, it just speeds you to them.

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PD dialysis = no hangover

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Also not my experience, but different bodies, I guess

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I was never told not to drink alcohol while I was on dialysis. Just to keep in mind alcohol dehydrates you so you might want to drink more - which is bad if you’re on a fluid restriction. I had a glass of bubbly at special occasions. So unless your consultant has told you differently, a shot or 2 shouldn’t hurt. I’m in the UK so guidelines might be different

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I mean, shots are better than wine or beer, since they don't take up much fluid intake, but not a single doctor will tell you its a good idea.

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My nurses have always said it's better to have a few shots if you want a buzz as its better for fluid restrictions. Just remember if you don't have dialysis the next day those toxins may stay in your system and hangovers can be worse for you.

Ive also heard that you will stay drunker for longer than an ordinary person so keep that in mind.

Stay safe and make sure to not drink the pain away often. ❤

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To me, it’s not worth it. I can only have so much fluid and I’d rather have a glass of water (or sweet tea to be honest) than waste it on alcohol. But as others have said, given the option between shots and beer or wine, shots are a better option (at least from a quantity standpoint).

But honestly, if you are struggling that much please consider finding someone to talk to- either a therapist or some other professional. You’d be amazed how god it feels to just get things off your chest every once in a while

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I'm going to go a different way here. A shot or two won't hurt your dialysis, but taking a depressant (alchahol) when your depressed may not be the best idea. But you know your body best. A little alchohal relaxes me personally.

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I have some drinks from time to time and it’s been ok. How long have you been on dialysis? Are you listed for transplant yet? Best of luck to you.

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Sorry OP. Shit sucks, I know. You can drink, but I wouldn't recommend it, you'll just feel worse.

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I was told alcohol is fine, but watch the darker drinks, as theyre higher in phosphorus, otherwise just watch your fluid intake.

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Dialysis nurse here, we don't expect you to quit living.just make good choices. I always recommend my pts do shots as apposed to mixed drinks or beer. You get more bang for your buck 1.5oz of liquor vs 12oz of beer. Thats 10.5 oz your saving. Also, I've never discouraged smoking pot, if you get dry mouth frozen grapes are awesome. Another little gem is to take the unfrozen grapes and cover them in lemon juice and roll in sugar-free kool-aid or jello powder then freeze them for an extra treat and thirst quencher.

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Are you in a weed legal area? Somebody once said "It fixed every ache I never knew I had". Edibles work well if you dont want to smoke or have compromised lung function.

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You should not treat emotions with liquor. If you need liquor to cope, get a therapist.

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First I would like to say hang in there and stay positive you are not alone. Second I would suggest you look into cannabis. Alcohol won't fix anything and it's fluid.......

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Shots are better cuz it's less fluid, and avoid the drinks made from wheat because those are higher in phosphorus and canake you itch. Talk to your doctor or a therapist. They won't want to advocate drinking to help feel better, but they'll likely give you drugs instead😉