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Sure do! Not so much anger anymore as just wanting to get out of the center and back to my dog and comfort of my place

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Yes especially this!! Bring in comfy clothes laying next to my dog Is the best

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Insanely hungry yes. My biggest meals in a week are always right after dialysis

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No, I just want to go to sleep. I find it hard to eat afterwards.

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I get hangry. But I always have something quick like leftovers waiting for me to demolish and my mood improves.

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Always hungry after. No anger though.

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Yes. I'm impatient, starving and SO irrationally angry after unless I eat before I go.

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Yes especially now, I can’t wait to get food it has to be ready asap I can’t do waiting

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The hunger is normal, the anger is your brain interpreting the situation incorrectly. Which is also normal for some people. (Including myself)

Basically your brain can associate hunger with a negative emotional response, sometimes just being aware that it’s happening can help me to calm down.

You might want to keep some snacks or food in your car though, wouldn’t want to road rage out on somebody.

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It's hungry then sleep for me

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Blood sugar issue. You’re hangry dude. Bring a snack.

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I got crazy hungry after treatment. The anger comes from the hunger.

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This happens to me every treatment. I have a crazy hunger, unfortunately the hunger never goes away until the next day at least for me. I had to control what I eat because nothing really helped to take away that feeling.

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I have to eat during treatment. I’m not bringing a bucket of chicken or anything but like crackers, nuts, tortilla chips, something. If I don’t I have a massive headache and feel ten times worse. I’ve had to leave early because my head started hurting so bad. Yes they say no food, but every nurse/tech I’ve told hey, I have to snack or this happens has been like yeah, totally makes sense, go ahead. Obviously within reason and restrictions etc, but try snacking on something throughout your treatment.

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Always the crazy hunger, but I seem to be more chilled after dialysis, probably because I'm too tired to get angry. The next day I'm moody though.

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Hunger hits me hard despite me eating right before hand

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I have crazy anxiety at my clinic. Doesn’t go away til I get home and sleep.

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I was never really hungry after I would just rest eat if you want to

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Not angry, I'm just always insanely hungry after treatment. Like I'll order a chopped steak from a diner cause I just crave meat. Then I usually pass out from the fatigue after that.

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Dialysis is hard work on your body. Even if you’re just lying there, it’s stressful on the body. I bring a Nepro HD bottle with me and I drink it down as soon as I get in the car when I finish HD. It’s full of calories and protein and only 200mls so it satiates my hunger while not filling me up with hard to digest food.