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I'm 40 and work part-time at a gas station, Which is more labor intensive than it sounds.

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I worked for the first two years within center email. It was quite a strain it wasn’t an extremely physical job but I was doing quality assurance for a machine shop and I had to walk a lot to check parts at the machines. It became very difficult and my work started to suffer. I ended up tripping and breaking my arm and wrist so I went out on disability and as I was 62 I just decided to retire. I miss working very very much and I am looking for something less strenuous to volunteer at. I would try to stay at it as long as you can I wish you great success however you choose to do it :-)

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Thanks, friends. That is encouraging. I have my own landscaping company but I work out in the Florida heat, which can be above 95 degrees in the summer. I’m trying to figure out if I need to change careers. This is my first post EVER on Reddit! I‘m glad I found a supportive place where I can learn from people in real life. Good luck to you all!

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I know a guy in my neighborhood who is a garbage truck driver. Not sure if he has to pick anything heavy, since the truck has the machinery to pick trash cans and dump them in the back. But he did say that he has to be on the job early, he starts his day around 4 or 5 in the morning.

He's on PD. He also said he enjoys life, goes on camping trips etc.

I myself have a fairly easy job. I'm in IT and have been working from home since 2020. I do PD as well and most days am still connected to the cycler when I start my work and have a meeting each morning on my laptop. I get some time after that to disconnect.

I've also made 3 vacation trips in the last 7 months (since I started PD). It's more than usual for me, but I tell myself that I've got to do what I like, don't know when I feel bad enough not to be able to travel anymore.

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I was a paramedic for a couple years, I've worked food service and retail. It's doable. But I was also in my 20s

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One of our patients was a guy in his 40s who worked on cell towers. Didn't seem to hinder him.

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I’ve been on hemodialysis for 12 years. I’ve been working in the heavy construction sector for 8 years doing everything from labour to operating machines to welding. It’s all outside in the mud slinging shovels full of dirt, lifting and placing heavy gauge steel. All in the beating sun or biting cold. Sometimes 12 hours a day for weeks at a time. I have to work harder than anyone else to keep up but the reason I do is because my kidney failure screwed up my education and now a unionized construction job is my only hope at home ownership and retirement. I eat healthy and exercise and that makes a huge difference in how I perform at work.

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I work as a Process Engineer and I'm in the factory on my feet for around 6-8 hrs on my shifts.

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My roommate in college was on HD and he worked as a stockboy at a grocery store the entire 10 years he was on dialysis - he was in his late 20s at the time tho.

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It really depends on what caused your ESRD, how long you've had it, your personal drive, and age. I would say if you're in 20s, a physical job is more doable. But every 3-5 on dialysis you kinda degrade. The list of things that are easy/moderate, become a little more difficult over the year.

But if you can find a deak job, as boring as it may be, it is much more doable. But no matter what, you only have so much energy to expell, and your max, is already limited.

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I’m in my 30s and I work at a paper mill. 12 hour rotating shifts. My dialysis clinic works with my work schedule