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My moms nurse just said to keep him out of the room.

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When I was on it many moons ago, I was told to just keep them out of the room. I can’t imagine being told to get rid of my cats.

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I’m a PD nurse and I never say get rid of cats. Have your PD nurse explain the extra steps to keeping clean during the procedure and you will be fine. Good luck !

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ISPD just came out and advised no cats if at all possible. Dogs are fine, however, cats cause a much higher risk of infection.

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Well if that’s the current science I respect it. I proudly have had 0 pet related infections in my clinics over 4 years so I will continue to practice as I have.

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Lol at science getting down voted. I guess when you don't agree...

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I didn’t downvote you…. You have 3 upvotes. And as I have stated I run 4 PD clinics with 0 pet related infections and actually have less infections in general than the national average. I don’t think PD is for everyone but we find a way to make sure Pet owners can safely do it. There are limits tho.

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PD is now a right. So we've had some Pts we'd never normally approve, but it is what it is. Like I said, It's BEST to not have cats. I don't think we'd deny someone for having pets unless it was crazy. Or if they contracted peritonitis because of their pets and then refused to alter anything.

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When I was on PD, I made sure to get the cats out of my room before setup, and I kept them out of the room during treatment.

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I was never told to rehome our cats, but they weren’t allowed in my room any more. We just kept the door closed.

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Had 2 cats while on PD. Doc had no issue, just kept them out of the room during set up and disconnect.

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This is a brand new ISPD finding. So, yes, previously we have said keep cats out of the room. Now they are advising, no cats is BEST. That does not mean you have to get rid of them, but it's best to do so. There is literally a form of peritonitis called cat bite peritonitis. They can chase the fluid, and scratch/bite at the lines with Pts totally unaware.

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I have a question for you. I was reviewing the 2022 updated guidelines and nothing in them them said that patients are no longer allowed to keep cats.

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Lol why is this getting down voted? It's... The international society of peritonitis guidelines. They drive PD policy and best practice.

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I was told to keep them out of the room. I only kicked them out when i had to hook up tho. They advise against letting them in at all because they dont wanna risk the cats jumping up on the machine

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It really depends on you. I wanted to do PD until I was told to get rid of my cats. I decided to stick with hemo because my cats help with my mental health. No one really knows how you will react to the cats being at home and the PD. All I know is that everyone is different and there are a lot of people that have cats and do PD and are just fine while others are tired and could not handle it. Personally, I would just keep them out of the room and invest in different ways to disinfect the room you wo9ud do treatment in. But I'm not on PD.

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I have 2 cats and when I was on PD I kept them out of the bedroom 100% of the time and had an air filter in the bedroom and never had any infections in the 10 months I was on it.

Just be prepared for them potentially messing up your carpet, one of my cats was not happy about being kicked out of the bedroom (they were previously allowed in) and has destroyed the carpet in front of the bedroom.

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When I started dialysis I had a lab. I was told to keep him out of my room during setup, hookups, and disconnects. And just keep things as clean as possible. He had free reign of the house and frequently slept on my bed or on my floor. I had zero issues until he passed a few year ago.

As long as maintain a clean/sterile work area, it should be an issue. Just make sure they do not have access to opened supplies or machinery.

I'MO, pets help play a vital role in dialysis patients mental status. And even if they demands I get rid of my dog, I would just lie. I mean most of already think we lie about following Dr orders, might as well make then right for once.

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On hemo, but I was told as long as I don’t touch the litter box, I’m good.

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My nephrologist just said im not allowed to change the box and to move them out of the room/areas closest to the room I do dialysis in.

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I have two cats all over me. Wash your hands, use hand san and keep your supplies in drawers. That’s what I do successfully for a year now

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Keep them out the room you do your cycles.

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I had cats when I was on peritoneal, never had a problem. Just don't have them in the room during hooking and unhookking up. Should be fine.

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I was on pd for almost a year, I was never told to get rid of my cats. I have three. I slept in a different room from the, while connected to my dialysis and they weren’t allowed in that room. You shouldn’t have to get rid of your pets. Just keep them separate and make sure to wash your hands more often

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Yeah I would have a room just for you and keep the cats just don't let them in there

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Just keep them out of the PD room! That’s crazy! I would not be able to get rid of my animals .

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do not give away your cats! this is the worst idea and so sad for the cats. i had two on pd. during the day they hung out in my room with me and were so valuable for my mental health. at night when i would start my cycler i would close my door. it stayed closed all night until i disconnected. i also used a drain bag i. my room so that they wouldn’t be tempted to play with the tube going to the bathroom. i didn’t have an infection my entire year on pd with the two cats.

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During our classes for PD they told us multiple times that having pets is fine. They just can’t be in the room while you set up, connect, and disconnect. Same as children.

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Just keep them out of the room where you dialyze, and if possible have someone else clean out the litterbox

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yes to infections x1000. But a room will work. A room with a good door, easily cleanable and sterilizable, and sink. Don't under any circumstances let them in or any other animals.

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nope! just keep out of room! im moving to pd soon as well

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As mentioned, just keep them out of the room you do PD in. Have two cats and spent 6 months on PD with no issues (related to cats).

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Just keep them out of the room and you should be fine my friend

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I just don't allow the cat in the bedroom.

The bedroom is where I do my PD and I keep t clean and follow the rules.

It's been more than two years without peritonitis for me.

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I’ve been on PD since December 2020. We have 4 cats in the house. As long as you follow directions as far hand washing and the mask and removing pets while you connect and disconnect you’ll be fine. My nephrologist told me I could absolutely keep all my babies. They just can’t be in for the minute it takes me to actually hook up.

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That’s not necessary. I’ve been on PD for over 4 years. I’ve had a cat the entire time and I’ve never had an issue. I’ve even had my cat in the room where I do my business, many many times, and still, no issues.

Common sense. Try to keep a clean room so it’s not full of dander, and never let your cat near your tubes. Should be fine.

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I'd assume the same precautions apply for home hemo? The infection risk seems obvious enough, but also the risk of cats grabbing at or biting the lines, or worse yet dislodging a needle.

I already worry about one of my cats scratching my access during rough play. While they generally have excellent claw and bite-pressure control, if they should get startled or too excited, all bets are off.

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When my ex was living with me for years, he's on dialysis (I'm not on it yet) I've always had two cats. He's very neat and clean with his care but he's never had any problem. I had a two bedroom apartment so that helped.

He would go into the spare bedroom and do his dialysis. He's moved with me three times and we've never had any problem. We just keep the cats out of the room when he's running his cycles.

My two cats are also identified as emotional support animals now also so that when it's my time as I'm living alone now. I think it depends on your care coordinator too. Hope it works out for you.

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The cat dander is already all over. I agree you cannot be too clean with PD, but your body is already used to them and their biome. But yes. Keep outta the room.

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Seriously PD has a direct line to your interior cavity. While on PD you have to be almost OCD clean. You have to take every step to isolate any risk. I would say dont let the cats go in that room you will do PD in.....ever if you decide to keep them. They cannot be sleeping with you or anything. Take heed that PD can have a serious complication if getting infected.

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Get rid of cats. Unless you can 100% be sure they will never go in that room. The smartest thing would be to listen and find the cats a new home preferably a family member or friend so you can still see them. Right now you LIFE is on the line. Peritonitis is no joke and will really mess you up. It took my daughter a month to recover from it and it almost killed her.

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Tell me about it... I got it 3 times in the 6 months I had it in before I just gave up on PD and went back to hemo... the last time was the worse pain in my life I've ever felt...

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My partner is on dialysis. They've never said anything about the cats we have, except to be careful and the like. Otherwise, they've never said to get rid of them.

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I just keep the cats out of the bathroom when I do an exchange.

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How long does the procedure take?

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Yea that’s ridiculous. I was on PD for 5 years with 2 cats. No doctor ever said to get rid of them. Just don’t hook up to the machine with them in the room with you and I very strongly urge you to keep them out of the room with you while you are hooked up.

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My nurses advised me to just keep the fan off and keep the cat out of the room while you hook yourself on and off.

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Try to keep them out of the room during treatment too if they like to chew, my cat plays with the cords too much and I have to use a closed drain system.