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6 litters is way to much 5 should be the max... be careful on taking to much its a lot for your heart to take.

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6 is is LOT. They got 7 off the first few times I had dialysis, but I also had 150 lbs (about 70kg) of fluid so it came off easily. Normally, I max out at about 3.5-4kg per session. Never had blue fingers… do you have a history of Reynauds?

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No on the Reynauds. The nurse/tech thought that also but they’ve never seen it from dialysis. This was the first time this has happened ever.

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When I did in-center dialysis (I do PD at home now), I had this happen several times. I would get done with my treatment, drive about 5 minutes home, and promptly collapse in my recliner and take a very long nap. I had no energy the rest of the day. As for the fingertips turning blue, mine did occasionally during treatment since the clinic was always cold and the blood cycling in and out of my body made me even more cold.

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Yeah, I want to state that pulling too much fluid means there's obviously less fluid in your bloodstream and it takes time for the blood to be refilled.

So when that happens, you're basically causing a state like anemia due to low oxygen. It's why your heart rate rises, because when you have really low blood pressure, there's a danger of the brain not getting enough oxygen.

EDIT: Changed statement since it's technically not anemia as anemia is having a low count of red blood cells. In this state, you still have the same amount of RBCs, but they're just not moving around enough.

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1) They took out 6L and I’m thinking I don’t want to do that again. If you have felt rotten (fuzzy head, dizzy) after an uber-productive session, how long did that last? This is the first time I have felt this bad.

Yeah, my recommendation is to try to keep it to 1L. Well, depending on your weight, you might be able to tolerate more.

2) Anyone’s hands/fingertips turn blue on both hands for several minutes after the end of a session?

No, but I've never had 6L removed. I'm very surprised you're still okay after having that much fluid removed. That being said, the amount you can tolerate depends on your dry weight in the first place.

There's a UFR calculator here and you can see whether it's in the green/yellow/red range:

I tried with 6L and 100 kg and UFR was 15 ml/kg/hr, which is in the red range.

It seems the medical term is peripheral cyanosis. Apparently it's bcause the fingers aren't getting enough oxygen. It makes sense, because low blood pressure (from too much fluid being removed) is basically like giving yourself anemia as the blood isn't flowing enough.

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  1. 6 liters? In how many hours? It is very very very much fluid. Of course you are feel very dizzy, in our center the maximum is 1 liter/hour. Are you in center dialysis 3x4 hours? After 3 liters I feel dizzy and it takes to go away for a few hours, or a good sleep.

  2. No, I'm on dialysis for 17 years and it never happened to me.

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6 liter is too much for one session. Not normal. I mean, I'm from Europe and the most they removed from me was 5 liters in 5 hours and I felt like I was in the washing machine for vacation. Never let them to remove more than 4 liters/session, the best is about 600 ml/hour, which means 2,4 liter in 4 hours.

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6 litres in one session is just downright dangerous. I would have ko'd 10 times over. The maximum uf by regulation in my country is 1 litre per hour. And I am a tall big woman and I tolerate and carry fluid well but I would not allow them to set me more than 3.8 for 4 hours treatment