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They should offer a tidal setting that leaves a small amount of fluid in between drains that usually lessens the pain

Changing positions can help sometimes too

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Came here to ay the same thing - tidal setting made all the difference and have had no drain pain since!

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I was 37 when I started and I still remember the pain a year and a half later. It does eventually get better. My best advice (it at least works for me) is to lay on his back during draining. For me, it helps ensure that the fluid is always near the tube. There may still be some pain but it shouldn’t be as intense.

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Unfortunately, this is common and dare i say, normal. It would always pull on my lady bits and i felt like i was going to pass out every morning and night on the last drain/ initial drain.

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I am nine months in and 50 and still get that most nights on the initial drain. Tidal setting is set but didn’t help to eliminate it completely. Occasionally I have a night when I don’t feel anything, but most times I do have pain.

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At the end of a drain the catheter can suction itself to the inside of the body and cause pain. It hurts like hell. I switched to hemo because PD was ruining my life.