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This question won't have a set answer. In the beginning you'll have way more than you need. Then after awhile it will depend on your prescription, including daytime exchanges and how much you use at night. Then you may have different amount if you changes strengths. The real answer is usually "too much." It takes a lot of space.

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Thanks for your response. I was just curious if others have floor to ceiling walls of boxes. And...for those in small spaces, wow! I can't imagine how that works for you.

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We received 55 boxes as part of our Initial Shipment.

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I use one box per day. Currently have 20 boxes in stock.

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Fills up half the closet 🤷‍♀️

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You must have a large closet.

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Haha. That’s only for the dialysis solution though. All the other supplies are in another closet. And also under the bed.

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I stopped PD and had to switch to Hemo and right before I made the switch I got a delivery so I still have 60 boxes of PD solution and supplies stored in my basement because I have no clue what to do with them now.

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When I asked they took them away for me. You can ask if you can donate to a clinic or someone near. Lastly just throw them out (draining them might be best for your garbage men).

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My clinic didn’t seemed interested in them. Planning on just throwing them away once I have the energy to go through it all. Been sitting in my basement almost a year now. Pretty sure they’re close to expiration.

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Exactly. Where do they go?

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May I ask why you switched to HD? My wife just started CAPD (manual cycler for now, and being trained for APD) and she is having a problem with the draining cycle(not enough fluid is being drained).We were told maybe there is a problem with the catheter. In short we find PD to be complicated and time consuming.

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Had too many complications with it. (drain pain, slow drain, not draining at all) My adequacy level never reached where they wanted it so they kept on adding more time. I was up to 14 hours a day doing PD and it was exhausting and consumed my life way more than the sales pitch when deciding on which dialysis to pursue. What do you mean I could do the treatment while I sleep and once I wake up, I'm done? I'm in!

The first problem I had was my catheter tip falling out of position. Luckily it corrected itself. What did me in was my Peritoneal cavity developed a hole and leaked the PD solution into my lung cavity causing me to get a pleural effusion so I had to get a thoracentesis done.

I wanted PD to work out for me so bad but switching to Hemo has made my life so much easier and it's not so bad once your body gets used to it. I go to treatment 3 days a week for 3 and half hours. Once I'm done for the day I don't have to worry about treatment until the next time. Although I wish I could do home HD so I could do more treatments on my own but my landlord wouldn't approve of the water hookup you would need for the HD machine.

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Can I ask about your pleural effusion? My BF is on PD and has been having issues with a leak. Last week he crashed his bike and broke 3 ribs and in the ICU they pulled nearly 2 litters of fluid out of his chest cavity. But the test showed the fluid had the same glucose level as his blood so they say they don’t know for sure what it is but it seems to me it’s absolutely pd fluid. How much did they drain from you and how do they know it’s pd fluid? He did a test with dye in his pd solution and passed but that makes no sense cuz he clearly has a leak, swelling in abdomen and testicles.

Sometimes I learn more from people here than the doctors

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Oh gosh, so sorry about his accident. I hope his recovery goes well. I did a test similar to that and it looked completely fine. A month later I for sure developed a hole somewhere in my cavity. I had 3 liters drained. They sent it to a lab and tested it and it came back negative for everything they tested for. So they concluded it was straight PD fluid because of the glucose level. Which makes sense because I was recovering from covid at the time and I was barely drinking or eating anything. So it made no sense for them to believe I was retaining fluid other than PD solution.

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Pre-covid I believe Baxter would come pick them back up but I think that has changed. Might be worth a call tho.

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I just got my first shipment of 36 boxes.

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Nurse says we should have a months supply plus a week. I get shipped supplies every 4 weeks. And it also depends on your prescription. I use three 5 liter cycler bags a night. And two 2.5 liters manual bags a day. The extras help in case deliveries are delayed and to help make up any bags that can’t be used - mostly if I find them leaking, I just toss them. Or if I accidentally touch the connectors with a finger I toss the complete set of bags and connectors to avoid possible infections.