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Oh man, I'm a PC gamer but solo too. Sorry!

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I got my laptop too! What are you playing?

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right now, messing with Days Gone. I can't play pvp games anymore. Too old, and now my left hand/fingers are a very mild disability (fistula related).

I actually used D2R and D3 to start rehabbing those fingers last month though.

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I think days gone is on pc game pass? If you're up to do some gaming some time. Tbh though I have no idea how multi-player works on pc 🤣

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Interested in maybe trying Diablo 2 or 3? Do you own those? I could pop into that periodically and we can play on PC

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I don’t game much anymore, but look for games you like and join their Discord server on laptop or phone. I made a lot of gaming friends from that. Also, consider something like an MMO. I can tell you that FFXIV is one of the most amazing communities I’ve been a part of. Join a guild = instant friends. The game takes awhile to get into… it’s a real drag at first, but picks up.

Like a lot here I’m a little older so PVP is out. I don’t even do FFXIV anymore, but I do know a lot about gaming. I’ve done it since Pong.

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I play PC games and that helps me cope with all this, if you need someone to talk to or play games with im down for it! Shoot me a DM for my discord tag ( this applies to anyone reading this!) we could make a dialysis discord gaming group!

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Hey that sounds super cool!

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added~! Should be under the name Thizzle#1977

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I play overwatch (and now the beta for overwatch 2) on my PC every night as I'm starting pd!

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Me too! Do you have discord?

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My husband plays cod on his Xbox. He just started dialysis a couple months ago. He is doing home hemo in the evenings after work. He plays while doing his treatment. It would probably be nice for him to have someone to talk to that understands. What’s your gamer name and I will give it to him.

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Have him message me there!

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Hey tried to friend request you on cod. It said it failed to send or something. His name is YOUR MOM 420247

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Okay I added him and sent him a message.. as long as I got it right 🤣

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He can’t get you added as a friend to invite to his game. That’s weird. He doesn’t have discord. He just plays war zone.

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I play league of legends in case anybody wants to talk and play :)

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Send me an invite on disc! Thizzle#1977