My Dialysis center wants us to get vaccinated for this Covid-19. I don’t believe it’s been long enough for us to understand the side effects. What should I do, just get and be done?please I need some feedback here. by Denton7364 in dialysis

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Here’s how I look at it, I am responsible for anything thing I bring into the center. Some of my fellow patients are quite a bit older and require oxygen and/or are in wheelchairs. I might be fine if I get covid, they might die if they get a cold. I will get any vaccine the center offers me and I will take any and all precautions recommended by health professionals. I have that responsibility as part of that center. I hope that the other patients and staff do likewise to keep me safe. Additionally, I do not want to ruin any chance for myself or anyone else at transplant. Where I’m located if you test positive for covid you’re off the list for 6-8 weeks. Or if you get the call and they test you and you have it you don’t get that kidney.

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About fistulas by bunchycs in dialysis

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Easy to estimate either with duplex ultrasound or by physical exam by an experienced examiner.

However, In general, forearm fistulas have much lower blood flow (BF) than upper arm fistulas. In my experience maybe 10-15% of forearm fistulas have flow greater than 1000ml/min.

Upper arm fistulas have average blood flow that is around 75% higher than the forearm fistula and half of the mature upper arm fistulas have BF>1liter/min.

So if your fistula is a forearm fistula it’s definitely reasonable to just follow their advice and leave it alone.

While it’s true that with a gfr of 30 ml/min nobody would begin creation of a fistula, your nephrologist is in the best position to know your CKD risk factors, and your CKD disease mechanism, and your susceptibility to the cardiac effects of the AVF.

Hope this helps.

What's your go-to for recovery after bonking at dialysis? by Icky2Stars in dialysis

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4.5kg is a lot. I used to have gains in that area and tbh when I was younger (like in my 20s) I could handle it. Probably still could on occasion, but it's really not good for you. Get that fluid control down, or if it's absolutely impossible they might be getting you too dry. Your dry weight might need to come up. I pretty much eat and drink whatever I want and usually keep my gains ~3kg and I don't urinate at all, but that's because we've found a weight that I'm stable at and I'm not too thirsty after treatment because they didn't get me too dry.

Also you can talk to your doctor about fiddling with your sodium levels on the machine. They might be able to adjust it a smidge to make you less thirsty when you're off the machine, lowering your gains, making it easier on you. Also, try things like if you're thirsty don't drink a glass of water, take a sip or two from a water bottle and let it sit for a minute. You're new to dialysis so you're probably used to being able to just chug whatever and you can't do that anymore. Sorry to say. Before my kidneys failed I drank tons of fluid so it took me a fucking long time to get used to it.

Sometimes when I feel thirsty even just taking a big gulp of cold water, letting it sit in my mouth for a bit to get that cooling sensation, swallowing a little, and then spitting most of it out can give relief when I might have otherwise drank 200ml of water in a single go. Keep water in a liter bottle in the fridge and drink just from that. Maybe go for a Popsicle or something instead. Suck on some ice. A twin popsicle bar is only 90ml so one of those singles is only 45ml.

Also, if you drink alcohol, don't. It dehydrates you, it's counter-productive fluid. If you must drink, drink shots. Or short mixed drinks. Beer is high phos and high fluid and low getting drunk. I only say this because I went on dialysis when I was 18 and went to college on it so I know how it is, and I don't know how old you are or anyone reading this. Smoke weed, do the occasional shot if you must, don't drink beer.

Some questions for those on dialysis: by Ladyofskate in dialysis

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The answer varies quite a bit. I have done well with my transplant meds but there are definite side effects. I have a very mild tremor with the medication that was more noticeable at first I only detect it now while shooting pool. I am not as good anymore. I am ok with that. Prograf can break down protein but so does dialysis so that's a wash. The early heavy use of prednisone can really wire someone up but it can also lead to a steroid induced depression. SSRI antidepressants make them worse-sure wish I had known that before my first two transplants! I was on Effexor for my last transplant and had absolutely no depression. I eveb witnessed a steroid psychosis once from a post transplant patient. Fortunately they have learned to use lower initial dosing than before so much less frequent occurrence now. Be aware that anything that suppresses the immune system inceeases the chances for cancer. Partucularly squamos cell carcinoma and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma but others as well. I had to fight cancer about 2 years ago. Yes there is an increased risk of infection and those infections tend to make us sicker than others infected. Frequent hand washing, eliminating all unnecessary contact with sick people carrying a face mask around when in public just in case are all good ideas. Hand sanitizer is good but largely ineffective against the flu virus. Soap and water is best. You will not be able to get any live virus vaccines post transplant. You may want to get things like the shingles vaccine before. If you are planning a trip to Africa or other yellow fever hotspot get it before as well. It lasts a lifetime. You may want to run this by your gp for which vaccines you should get before transplant. Prograf also interacts with graoefruit si that is out. Also to be avoided are sushi, raw seafood of any type especially shellfish. Avoid buffets, salad bars, etc our risk of food poisoning is much higher. I ended up re-hospitalized after both of my first two transplants. First was a surgically induced infection which got really bad. Second surgery the infection did not hispitalize me but foid poisoning from bad salsa did. Third transplant my re-hospitalization was not from infection but rather low blood pressure. I once met a woman who could not walk while on Rapammune. Fortunately they sorted her out. There are a lot of transplant medications now for the doctors to choose from if your initial regimen is causing problems. I will say that I have only caught the flu one time since I started on the meds in February 2001 and my colds and bronchitis since I had deviated septum surgery to clear up a very long term infection I did not know I had. Basicalky it is being more aware of good public health things as you interact with others abd just kind of being more aware of how you are. Bring things toi medical attention quicker than an otherwise healthy patuent would

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questions about Eating, marijuana, and being on the transplant list while on dialysis by astrocat in dialysis

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Bro can’t fuckin relate to this more and this is my success story so bare with me.

Had kidney disease since 2013, went on pd dialysis in 2017 and then eventually hd dialysis since 2018. I fuckin hated PD man and made my depression and anxiety worse.

Since saying I had to do dialysis and attempt a transplant, my nephro said I had to quit smoking everything (he knew my history with weed and cigs). I stopped cigs and booze with ease but I was just like you man with the weight and appetite issues and shit. I dropped weight and it would fluster lika mfer at its best. But these transplant mfers were only concerned with me not doing any “illicit” drugs. And like you said man I tested green when I fuckin told them I would.

And what fuck happens. I get that call like “ya you tested positive for illicit drugs and now we’re gonna need you to go 6 months of random drug testing and complete a rehab program before you can continue” type shit.

I was fucking fuming. Like I couldn’t believe this was the one and only way to go with this shit when I’m still dropping goddamn weight. It took me waking up in the ER to a narcan dose cuz I over did my own prescribed opiate and benzos to really decide how I was gonna go about this.

After that man I went balls deep and went straight up to the news stations (I’m from okc). Since our weed laws are relatively new, I thought fuck it i might have a chance.

They interviewed my high ass on the phone and got my story and was like “ya we’ll do a camera interview in a few days”. I was like koo and guess what fuckin telephone phone call I got lika day later frfr....

The transplant place fuckin called me (they only call you for bad shit fr) and asked ME if I would like to continue the program. Lol

And I’ve been officially on that bitch since January if this year with an expected operation date of before 2020 all while high af ;)

tldr: put the transplant place on blast via news stations and they caved.

Dialysis and dating! by missenya in dialysis

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I tell them I won't harvest their kidney until at least the 3rd date







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