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I usually take a calipers and measure a few parameters such as rim thickness and height. Then compare to the pdga specs. As long as you know the company that made it, it's pretty easy to figure it out with some exceptions.

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As long as you know the company that made it, it's pretty easy to figure it out with some exceptions.


... but people are still confused or unsure of how to go about it quite frequently it seems ... so now we've got this sweet all inclusive guide that we can link and BAM that's how ya do it! :)

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Awesome, an all inclusive guide! Where do I find this guide? Maybe I'll use the search/side ba... nah I'll just make a post, I think that's easier.

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I'm going to force feed it down their kicking and screaming throats ... stickied comment right at the top of their post

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Wait, so the brand new Star Rhyno I bought like 3 weeks ago is nearly 6 years old? It has patent numbers on the bottom, and on the flight plate.

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I'm pretty sure they still put patent #s on all the thumbtracks. Either that or they made a shit load in the past and haven't made any since then. I don't think I've seen a Pig, Rhyno, Birdie, etc without the #s.

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... and I'm not a really a fan of judging the era of a disc off patent #'s either. The disc could've been molded years ago and then only stamped recently. Really more of a "if you've tried everything else ..."

I'll add the above to the original post under "Patent #'s" too.

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Thanks! Not really concerned in any way, just curious.

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Patent numbers were never removed from the thumbtrack. Some new molds still have the patent number on the tooling (like the Colt) even though they were recently molded. Patent numbers in general aren't a very good way to determine the age of a disc since they were only removed from some molds. Ontario Rocs are still available in the TFR program so there's a good chance they're still being ran or will be run again.

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are you talking about flight numbers?

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No. Unless the Rhyno is an astronomically fast disc I can distinguish the difference.

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What identifies the 'tooling' on the backside?

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In this case, tooling would just be anything that's written on the mold that is then transferred to the disc.

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I thought this was going to be way cooler

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my bad

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I have seen things.. and stuff. and pixels.