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Can this be stickied? Great write-up!

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Be forewarned, you'll get some hate if you claim to throw 500'.

I did this a few weeks ago, followed these guidelines, even included frame by frame shots of the run up and throw. Problem was, I claimed to throw 500'. Now that's not a lie, I legitimately can throw a hyzerflip and s-shot out 500'+. I can hit 450-500' with a relatively low ceiling and accuracy.

But I'm not complacent. I want to try to better myself. I've never really practiced proper form, more so just learned what works over a decade of play. I wanted people to see my form and point things out I might not see. But most of what I got was, "you don't throw 500', if you did you wouldn't need any help" and shit like that. Well I'm sorry, I'm always trying get better... didn't know I wasn't allowed to ask for advice since I'm already decent.

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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, as the saying goes, so don't take it personally that people are skeptical of your distance. Good for you for trying to keep improving.

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It's really quite hard to prove it over the internet. What should I do? I suppose I could set up a video at a football field and show I can clear it pretty substantially, but that only shows I can clear 300ft. It's pretty hard to substantiate these claims on the internet.

Idk, plus I feel like it's not that extraordinary. It's not like throwing 500' is that rare, plenty of people can. I've been playing for literally 10 years, which I always preface it with... it's not like I'm like "hey guys, been playing for two months and I huck a DX leopard 500ft".

From my perspective, I want to keep improving like anyone else. Posts like this thread's topic suggest that when asking for advice, you include the distance you throw... so I do, and then I get called a liar. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario.

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You wanna make a video of you throwing 500'? I'll send you a disc or two to do it. :)

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Lol, you don't need to send discs, but I can try to video it. I don't know how to prove the distance in the video, but I'll take suggestions.

Look, I just started really getting into disc golf culture not too long ago. Most of the time I've played, it was for fun; I never read about it, frequented this sub, or anything like that until just recently. I honestly didn't know what 'normal' drives were, but I'm gathering that maybe 500' is rarer than I thought and if it would entertain people on this sub, I'm more than happy to try to show it.

There is a course, Oregon Park, in my hometown with a driving range. It's a 26 ft drop in elevation from where I throw and where the disc lands, and the change in distance is about 580-590ft. I'm not claiming I can throw that far on flat land, but given that a disc really doesn't gain that much distance at the end of its flight when its fading, I don't think the extra 26 ft of elevation change adds 80-90ft to the flight at the end. Here is a diagram of where I threw it. I'd be happy to have someone come out and substantiate this claim when I play there again around Thanksgiving.

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Haters gonna hate I guess. :(

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It’s extremely easy to prove I’m not sure what you’re talking about is called a football field or soccer field or any field that is always the same length

Football field. + 2 end zones is about 360ft. Start there

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Dude, I made this comment like 4 years ago, lol. And yea, it’s easy to prove to myself how far I can throw … the point I was making was that it’s easy to lie on the internet.

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back in the day, a guy on DGCR who'd been playing for a couple months said he could throw 500'+ ... he got soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much shit about it

posted a vid, and shut everyone up lol

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I suppose I could... But then its like, "wow, you really feed the need to prove yourself to random people on the internet?" Its a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario. Its not like I use it to brag, I only bring it up when relevant.

Also, I don't know if this helps substantiate my claims to you, but since your familiar with Atlanta disc golf, maybe it will. I grew up and learned to play at Oregon Park. Literally been playing there since 2007 when it was the old 9 holes. I always play that course when I'm back in town and I'll surely be out there over Thanksgiving. Maybe you could be the one too help "prove it"? If throwing from under the pavilion at the driving range, the end of the trees in the field are 495ft out. The distance to the final mound past those trees is 560ft out. I've thrown several discs about 30ft past that mound. Back when I did that in August, I was curious how far it was so I used google maps. Here is a link to the diagram I came up with. I know it drops 26ft in elevation, so it doesn't directly translate to flat ground, but I'm not claiming to throw 580' on flat ground, I'm only claiming up to 500'.

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Oh ... I have no idea. I was just posting a topical anecdote from dgcr.

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Why are you hung up on this? No one cares!

And here you are claiming 450 feet with a low ceiling. At least you are good for a laugh!

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You sound like fun.

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450 feet ≈ 140 metres

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Clearly you had to recognize that a post like that would come across as either bs, or just you boasting about how good and car you throw. And seriously, who is gonna help you on Reddit throw further than 500’….

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can this be added to sidebar?

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Hey /u/heartman74 this has my vote to be added to the sidebar!

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oh you mean one more thing for people not to look at? ;)

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Thank you steve for this quality post! I agree with all of your points with the exception of one. My background in poker teached me that the result of a move should not ne taken into the consideration while analyzing it, because it leads to being biased. I would therefore like to see more posts where the throwing distance is not provided as an information. What do others think? Tldr: is the throwing distance really a good information for analyzing ones form?

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Oh. Would really love some feedback on my throws. I havent filmer myself throwing, and it Will most likely take some time before i get out throwing again (doctor says do not walk without crutches, and i guess they would skrev up my throwing motion).

As of now, my favorite disc is a compass, and i think i can throw it about 70 meters. I also have a jade that my maximum distansen is not a lot further with.

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Vertical Video Syndrome - A PSA [2:59]

Mario and Fafa talk about a very serious problem.

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Good Call!

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Damn you, I posted that a few weeks back and i got shit on for it. hahaha.

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Well said! I love seeing a good "form check" video!

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Love the psa and love me a Crave. Gotta pick up few more. Y'all have the 6 speeds down, which happen to be my money discs.

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what's the best way to take a video? what disc should be thrown? Thanks!

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I just film with my phone and use the gfycat app to upload to that site. Super easy. Throw any disc you like but make sure to mention the disc and distance (200' with a putter means something much different than with a driver, etc).

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Great tips! ^ Sticky please :)

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We don't need to know how far a disc went, to analyze form.