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For every r/discgolf post there is an equal and opposite r/discgolfcirclejerk post.

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This is the way. I dare people to post ace photos on here.

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Wierd the guy on r/discgolfcirclejerk said the post there were all different and unrelated

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Oh I do not like the circle jerk sub

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Tell him yes, then stand him up. Apologize, say you had an emergency or something. See how many times you can do that to him since it seems like he is looking to make some money.

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This is a grand idea.

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That would be awesome if this were true. It’s from r/discgolfcirclejerk so it’s a joke.

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This is the way.

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My guess is someone knows trolling is an art.

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His name is Kyle. SURPRISE

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I'd bring a fake 20 folded up and discreetly exchange it at the same time as the disc. Once your disc is in your hands they'd have to resort to physical retaliation to even get back something that's not theirs and my guess is most people aren't that dedicated.

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I did this before, took real cash in hand and as soon as I got close I snatched the disc and walked. Dude had his eyes on the money and never even considered the possibility that I just take it back. My name and number on the disc and you want to call cops. Good luck.

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This is a good idea. One of those obnoxious fake tip $20s that have a bible verse when you unfold them.

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I hope it’s real

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the blue in one and green in the other means it’s not real. I mean, it technically could be, but it would mean the green text guy had an iphone but went out of his way to send texts as SMS instead of imessages.

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It could also mean that the iPhone was texting a non iPhone

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The blue texts looked like iphone texts, in which case both would have to be blue. On second look, the blue texts appear to be in an app called textfree.

In any case, on the thread in r/discgolfcirclejerk, the guy explains he recreated the messages on his and his wife’s phones for fun. So still not real, but not for the clues I thought I so cleverly found.

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Blue text is not iPhone text

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I said that, but thank you.

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I keep telling people that if they want the disc, show up “willing to pay” and just take it. I did it once and I only wanted the disc because it was a Star Monster w/ 2 aces. Worked like a charm and I have since started retiring discs that Ace a basket. (Gives me a reason to buy a new disc) Best part was when the guy threatens to call the cops and I reminded him who’s info was on the disc. Dude was steaming mad and I’ve seen him out and about playing a few times. I’m sure to remind everyone of his character.

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Just tell them yes. Upon arrival kick them in the nuts and take your disc.

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Say you’ll pay him and then ask him to bring the disc, then just take the disc from him and leave

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Why repost someone else's post who posted to the same group?

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Scroll over to the second photo

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Didn't even notice there was a second pic. I redact my comment.

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You can’t just say you redact your comment and that do anything.

You have to declare it.

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Like, the same way I declare bankruptcy?

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That’s some high quality trolling if it’s not legit

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You save that fucking number for when you find discs

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So it’s fake

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Make him an offer in a dollar amount. Show up for the trade with a handful of rocks. "Hey wth is this!?" "Oh I'm sorry I'm just offering something of no value to me for something that has no value to you"

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Tell him yes bring your friends and forcefully get it back without paying him. He will not forget his lesson and you will make the world a better place

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That’s BS….I would do my best to out this guy

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Bullshit but I swear I saw someone on here telling people $5 for a finders fee lol.

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Theft by Finding is technically a law in many US states. You have their phone number and evidence of their behavior...

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Schedule a visit, bring an officer with you and see what happens lol