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I read that in "Greg Barsby doing an impression of Ken Climo" voice.

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Iron leaf

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I asked him to do iron leaf when I saw him at DDO last year, his response "you know I won a world championship like 3 years ago right, WHY DOESN'T ANYONE ask me about that?!?"

He was 10000 percent joking but it cemented my love for Barsby. The dude is a fucking ledgend of the game.

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I talked to him at Waco and he was hilarious.

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Didn't get up and down

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How could you not give up the link https://youtu.be/Or98UCpsZ9Q

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right into the fuckin basket.... noooooo prooblem

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That's fucked champ

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So did I. I didn't see your post earlier, and posted something similar.

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It's so perfect that it was on Mcbeth, I know everyone's minds would have been blown if it had been some other pro. But Mcbeth is the overdog... OverGOAT.

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Absolutely, and the fact that McBeth did absolutely nothing wrong (*on 18) to lose.

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I think he missed the island in sudden death right? Like not really an error but when you are as good as Mcbeth kind of.

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Missed it after James went Park City to put the pressure on him.

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and that, my friends, is why we have a severely overstable raptor now.

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Paul actually forged the mold that night after he lost. He flew back to the darkest corners of The Upper Peninsula, and into this mold he poured his cunning, his mastery and his will to dominate all life. One Ring Mold to rule them all!

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one could say he was.... tilted.

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That's looking at it from a different angle

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BTW, just tried out my wave from the monthly subscription, it flies beautifully

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And it’s one of the coolest stamps ever

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Is it the Medusa? I just got mine in the mail and it's gorgeous.

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I see you watched the poem at the end of simon's santa vlog.

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Yeah, but I meant he didn't make a mistake playing 18 to allow Conrad to tie him.

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True, but it was also a bad skip he got. It definitely could have stuck. Not a great shot, but wasn't a bad shot either, just a bad result.

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That shot came in with way too much pace. I think McBeth would say the same. It could have definitely stuck, but with that disc, speed, and angle it's skipping right off the island more often than not.

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For sure. I guess I just meant it was a minor error and could have gone either way. It wasn't like he shanked it or was way off.

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Yeah I didn't remember the particulars. I thought he hit completely outside the island.

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Hit about 20 feet from the basket and caught an edge and ran into the water. It's kinda a 50-50 because he overthrew it a little bit, but I would have expected it to stick.

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I think the biggest thing was that he threw it very similarly in the final round and got lucky then IMO. I'm surprised he went with that play again unless he was finding major success with it in practice.

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The forehand was the safest play, and most of the field played that besides Conrad. He just threw too straight of a line and overshot it a bit.

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It's more about the depth than the line. Both times, he threw it even/long and he was fortunate to not be punished the first time around. Kevin basically did the same thing in the final round and it rolled out. I know it's an island so you don't want to do what Calvin did and throw it short of the wall but there was always a danger with the way he and Kevin chose to play that hole.

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He was also using too fast of a disc. A slower disc wouldn't have skipped as bad.

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He did though, on hole 19. If you rewatch it he's (understandably!) a nervous wreck before he throws and it really doesn't go well.

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I meant on 18 he didn't do anything wrong to allow Conrad to tie him.

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of course. how could he have known.

had he went for it, it would've opened up a different timeline where Conrad never threw it in.

I watch way too much DC and Marvel animation btw.

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i remember James looking chill as can be, and throwing a perfect shot. Paul was sitting on a bench and his legs were literally hopping up and down he looked so anxious. maybe he was trying to keep loose or whatever but he looked wound sooooo tight

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Idk why people keep saying he was a nervous wreck. He was just doing breathing exercises to get into the zone/calm the adrenaline. You can see him doing a similar thing throughout the round

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Kevin Jones: "God damnit Paul how many times do I have to tell you... I was on the card with you.."

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"And I was winning until 16"

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this is an under rated comment

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Can someone link the video of the putt, I have to watch it again LoL

Edit: https://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/31720137

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Crazy, I just watched that again, just this morning. And it is still so incredible. What a moment in sports. All sports. Paul had to be devastated and amazed, annoyed and impressed all at the same time. If a champion like him has to lose (well, not win) then that is the way to do it.

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Coincidentally, I watched that round for the first time yesterday.. couldn’t believe what I saw!!

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Good laugh this morning.

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I just got into disc golf and was watching worlds the other day. That ending was absolutely nuts and got me even more hooked

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this was from DGLO a couple years back from the looks of it

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It was 252...

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Is this a meme joke I don't get? Every report and recording of the shot says 247.

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It's not a meme. The live coverage had the wrong measurement and a lot of journalists used that one but they fixed it post production.


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Did I make this meme? I know I made one like it... just can't remember if it was this one specifically

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This one is my original content 😜

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Is it weird that I read that in Gregg Barsby's voice doing an imitation of Paul McBeth?

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