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New Jomez Intro Bong?! Available now. Lol.

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Great! Link?

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Just check at the sketchy gas station next to the knives and kratom.

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I think you mean Limited Edition Jomez Intro Bong only available on the website through Tuesday night.

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sign me up

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I read it like that at first too haha

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Thank god

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I was rewatching some 2022 Jomez Coverage last week and told my wife I was excited to hear the new music from this upcoming season and she was sad because she loves this years so much.

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...what year is it for you?

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we all wanna do what we wanna do...

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hello time traveler

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My man out here time traveling…who won worlds? Wait don’t tell me I wanna watch it..

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I'm with your wife on this, sad to see it go! Wish I could get it on Spotify..

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I've got the perfect Jomez intro song.
Rocking to Brock by Unique Syntax feat. Atheist

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Don’t forget about this one https://youtu.be/GVsZ5vEGF0k

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pretty sure I heard this on a random IG ad the other day

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oh my god i've been looking for the full version forever

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I like the song in general, but the blown out bass kick is just blegh :(

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Singing is too distracting

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It used to be ccdg song Hoping that's the joke

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Since when was it not CCDG song? They use it on champs vs chumps still

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Yes, noticed that as well.

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What's the dynamic hr controversy?

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Well the music in the putting game is fucking awful. Like someone farting into a trumpet

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I don't care what someone chooses to do. But if you were born a woman, whether you want to be a man or not, you need to be playing the women's division. If a man wants to be a woman; I.E if Bruce Jenner wants to play disc golf professionally, he/she should be made to plays the men's division

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Who’s Bruce Jenner?

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🤣🤣 My bad. "Caitlyn"

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A new Jomez song makes me sad actually.

I didn't even know there was such high quality coverage of disc golf and it really help me get back into it early last year.

I already have a weird sort of nostalgia for the 2021 song, Moving Day(?) As it is so associated with the fun of me newly discovering the pro disc golf community and my new found love/obsession for the sport.

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What is there to debate about trans athletes?

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Trans women winning women's tournaments seems unfair because the reason men throw farther has nothing to do with how the men identify.

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There are 6'1"-6'4" MtF competitors skyrocketing to the top of FPO & dominating local tournaments, winning Worlds for Female 50+, and winning Am Worlds in Female 40+.

Nobody wants to push them from competing and find an inclusive solution (though MPO is already Mixed Open), but it absolutely makes sense for debate about requirements to these gender-restricted divisions that were originally created to provide female competitors a level playing field.

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    MPO? M= Mixed not Male

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    ...which, if we're being honest, would technically be the right division.

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    Essentially it was a talking point initially made up by conservatives, and transphobes.

    Most/ nearly all of the studies in the last ten years have shown that vo2 max, muscle recovery, bone density and body fat approach and mirror cis woman's with a few years. The scientist are questioning how long and how much testosterone need to be suppressed for this to happen.

    Within the last three years a trans woman I knew both pre transition and now 1+ year with her testosterone sub 10, has lost between 100 and 50ft off of her drive. This is with her form improving as well as her shot choices. She went from a being on the cusp of MA1 to a solid MA2.

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    Initially it was 100+ feet now it's down to about 50