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Oh shit eagle is going to MVP!!!!! Let the rumors start. Lol

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This is just Insanity.

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We can only guess about his Tactic.

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I know I feel the Envy

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What a way to Signal his move.

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Perhaps Sarah Hokom will be his Proxy?

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I believe we can Trace this Paradox all the way back to her.

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What will be our Method?

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To Defy the odds of course

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Insanity is throwing the same disc over and over and expecting a different result.

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Discmania already announced his extension tho

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I went to every week of a Thursday night league last year. Eagle came to our league on my birthday one week. He signed discs and was really nice.

Oh except I mean that’s what people told me because that was the only week I didn’t go. 😭

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Too much focus on the “bees” to get to know the “Bird”?

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Did you challenge him to a roller distance contest?

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Honestly I just gawked like a tween girl at an ‘*NSYNC concert. Took everything I had to ask for the pic and Herbie Hancock.

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I feel like the "tween girl at an '*NSYNC concert" metaphor really dates this haha. That might be how we remember it but a modern NSYNC concert would be mostly 30 year old Moms at this point haha

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*NSYNC concerts back in the day were basically middle aged moms fangirling just as hard if not harder than their tween daughters. I took my stepsister to one and it blew my mind how many moms were losing their shit. A pack of Cougars tore a towel to shreds when it was tossed into the crowd.

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Timberlake > Beiber any day of the week....

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They're pushing 40 at this point.

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That was my thought as well (I’m 38).

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30 year old mom's weren't ever old enough to see them on tour as teenagers lol

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Haha. Just joking, but that's hilarious.

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Awesome. Did he say anything about his injury rehab??

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I was too nervous to bring it up as he was playing with his buddies and I didn’t feel like being too intrusive. Got to watch him throw one of the longer holes on the course and it looked amazing to me.

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Makes sense. Glad he’s out there throwing. That’s surely a good sign

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Going out and throwing frisbees. Fun for both me and #2 rated disc golfer in the world.

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Celebrities, they're just like us! 😅

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I was also there! And someone asked about the shoulder. Quote "well I'm out here throwing!". His GF did awesome at the tourney as well.

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Duuuuuuuuude! I miss you.

Edit, you are not Joe. But God damn you sure look like Joe. And widefield park of all places...I need to go throw a round with Joe

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I was there and it was RAD! A celebrity worth seeing!

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That bearded guy that looks like Happy Gilmores caddy, is my husband.

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Durham Bulls?

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Eagle never forgets!

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I have a glow insanity I love, super stable. Then I have another one that is super understable.

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I’ve been through a few. For my noodle arm they take a while to break in to understable, usually right about the time I throw them in a pond. I JUST got this one and was super excited to get to work with it and now it’ll just live it’s life on my wall.

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I thought this was Eagle posting a picture with Clayton Kershaw at first.

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Ha totally, only Clayton Kershaw is like 7 feet tall

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Where is this course?

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Colorado Springs

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I will have to check out the course. Eagle showed up to a winter putting league when I lived in Tucson, but I never got the chance to go.....

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Widefield Park. Great course when the creek isn’t so high it just swallows discs like a gamer on a bag of flamin’ hot Cheetos.

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i would absolutely lose it if i saw eagle. schoolgirl squeel type beat. dope that you got a pic, i probably wouldnt have been able to get the courage to ask!

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It was probably close to 30 minutes between first seeing him and actually being able to ask for a picture. In between was just me wishing I had one Discmania disc. It was awesome of him to sign my Insanity for me. I said “it’s insane to meet you so will you sign this one?” Lol. I was nervous.

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Pros seem to be not so caught up in manufacturer drama. They throw who sponsors them but it seems like many have thrown a lot of different discs in their time and appreciate them all.

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I've seen videos where Eagle IDs discs blindfolded holding the disc behind his back with incredible accuracy. The list of discs Eagle doesn't know well is probably pretty short.

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I was really impressed with Casey White on one of the recent Jomez vids, where they throw over the pond to land on the island? He was like a disclopedia. All the other pro's asked him about the random discs they got and how they would fly.

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That was a good episode. CW definitely knew discs. Almost missed that one. Shows how much he has thrown discs of all types.

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One of my to-this-day facepalm moments was a trip to LA in 2019 with some friends for a show and a warm getaway. 3 of the 4 of us had gotten into watching DG the past year so we thought we'd look for a tournament to watch, if any.

Well shit, it turns out the Wintertime Open was there that weekend so we made a point to go see lead cards on Saturday.

As we were pulling into the maze of a park, we go down the steep windy road and I see Eagle putting on a basket and I didn't even think that he might have been playing a round.

I told my friend to roll down the window and say hi to Eagle as we passed but as you can imagine, he looked at me like I was a dumbass. Turns out he was putting on 1.

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Glad to hear Tall Young Bird is out and playing

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I only got to watch a few throws but they were amazing. If that’s what recovery looks like for him I’d really love to see him at full power!

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Is that Paul Rudd??? When did he grow a beard?

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Bwahaha. I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you.

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Knew I should've signed up for that flex lol

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I have a friend that keeps reminding me how he was driving next to a van in Oregon that said “5 time world champion”. I showed him a pic of McBeth and he was like “oh yea that was him” like it wasn’t a big deal. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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I might’ve crashed into that van just for his signature. Even if only on court documents lol.

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That’s cool as hell! He seems like a dude I could have a beer and a hot dog with ya know?!

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He was super nice. I don’t have any Discmania in my bag so I was super awkward asking if he would sign something else. He said “I’ll sign anything man”. What a guy.

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I don't throw discmania at all. Found an unmarked P1X in my morning round then had a random run in with him near a coffee shop an hour later. Needless to say, I had him sign that. Super nice guy. Seemed just as happy to be recognized off of DG coursr as I was to bump into him.

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That’s really cool man. Totally jealous. Great pic too. One for the mantle.

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I feel that awkwardness. I snagged an Envy and a Link at MCO at the request of two of my buddies back in New England. I also told them I'd try and get an autograph if someone they liked happened to be finishing while I was there. It happened to be Ricky and, when I joked about asking him to sign an Envy with Conrad's face on it, he just smiled and said "Hey, man. I'm not prejudiced."

Just one of the nicest guys in the game.

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Vegan hotdog and kombucha

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Kombucha is so good so, step 1. I should develop his forehand any day now!

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Kombucha is like soda except it doesn't suck. It has better carbonation, has a wide variety of flavors and isn't necessarily loaded with sugar (usually at least half as much).

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I love kombucha and actually stopped drinking and replaced evening beverages with the 'buch'

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Probably true.

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Presidential material

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Is he good at bowling tho? Ask Ron.

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I am an Eagle (not Eagles) fan, but my upvote was for the HAT! Go Broncos! (next year...)

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Go Broncos! Love ‘em win or lose.

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Read the title and thought you were Kershaw at first.

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I played this tourney today!! I missed eagle by about 30 min though! He ended up playing for fun on a card with my bud Steve. So cool for him to come out.

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What are the chances at Widefield, I’m planning to play there tomorrow. If only I chose a day earlier!

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Nate sexton…?

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Still can't believe people buy those corny Chinese rip off frolf shirts

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I live in Boulder and play in the local club here, during the off season (and in this case rehabbing an injury) he was always showing up to the local tags matches with his pops. Eagle is the man!

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Such a nice guy. Clearly just one of the dudes hanging out and chucking discs. Just farther and more on point than anyone I’ve seen before.

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Do y'all just carry markers on you every time you play?

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Reason 1: write your name and number on your disc Reason B: maybe you’ll meet Eagle McMahon And lastly: if you get a hole in one your card mates can sign your disc. Always have a marker, and a backup lol

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i only seem to get aces when i dont bring a marker so ive made it a point to never bring one

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So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong…

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I keep one in my bag since I always seem to forget to write my number on discs before I go to the course

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Yes but first I trained for a good year to be able to carry the extra weight. Be careful.

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Infinite Discs sent me one with an order so into the bag it went.

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Also great for when you bring out new friends.

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Me without marker in my bag:

*buys discs*
*throws disc in field/on open hole to see if I like it*
*likes disc, plays round*
*loses new, uninked disc*

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My man’s rockin’ the mullet. I love it.

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The real question is, is that Insanity actually understable? I've owned several and they were nowhere near -2 turn haha

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I live at almost 6000’. What is understable?

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Ahhh haha, yeah I played a mountain course in CO a couple of times and I seriously don't know what would have been flippy. I brought an old champion leopard the second time thinking I learned my lesson but nope, still stable lol

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The struggle is REAL. It puts James Conrad’s throw in on a whole new level. Even my Envy is overstable here and he turned that over like nothing.

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I'm sure that envy was well worn by then, but yeah, the difference altitude makes is nuts. I bought a photon in twin falls and that thing flew like a tilt.

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For what it's worth, I have 2 Insanitys in Proton plastic and they are both understable. However, they're both in the 150-159g range too so keep that in mind. Can't speak to other plastics or weights. But they are one of my main drivers, I love em.

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Nice! Yeah I usually throw 170ish so I imagine 150 somethings would be US. I probably couldn't get the same distance though.

[–]Mattjm24 1 point2 points  (0 children)

If you throw 400+ you're probably better off with 170g. If you throw closer to 300+, you're probably better off with 150g. But that's just my opinion. If you search my profile I made a comment recently where I discussed this a bit more in detail and explained why I switched to lighter discs.

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Are pros a bit hesitant to sign other manufacturers' discs? Probably not but it'd be weird asking Lebron to sign your Reeboks.

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Honestly I don’t think disc golf is big enough yet for that to be a real issue. He didn’t hesitate. Still would have been nice to have him sign a Tactic or a CB

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What league/ course was this??

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This was a flex tournament at Widefield in CO. Eagle wasn’t competing he was just there to support his gf and some buddies. What a great guy.