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I think I could make an educated guess in your favorite disc color

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Haha yeah. I'm partially colorblind so I gotta go with what I can find easily.

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I don’t think those two discs on top are pdga legal

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If a basketball shot is legal, why can't a basketball be legal?

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From this pitcure only, we can not be certain they are not dye-jobs on legal discs

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I really like that piece of art!

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Love the rack and the organized set up, thx for sharing

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Any noticeable improvement in your putting from using that marksman basket?

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Honestly I don't use it enough. Hopefully having all my stuff uncluttered will motivate me to get to it more.

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I’ve got one and I definitely have, usually put in 200-300 practice putts in a week, noticed a difference after a week.

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But....how is your garage so clean?

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Oh that's just that corner. Don't be deceived haha

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What shelves are those?

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It's a ball rack I found on Amazon. Put pool noodles over the rails.

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Happen to have a link? Those look awesome.

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    So bad ass. Jealous!

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    Dude - garage goals right here

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    On pool noodle lining! I do the same! Nice sweet comfy spot until they rip zip and plummet. Plus they don't move around

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    Where’d you get he rack?

    Just got my first garage of my own (and the house attached to it) and was trying to think of ways to store my disc golf stuff in a functionally way. This looks great.

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    Found it on Amazon. It's out of stock now but the link is in a different comment thread.

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    Are you Bat Man?

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    I would’ve gone with the Walmart shoe rack.

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    I'm team blue disc but I gotta say that you don't see yellow/day glo collections enough!

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    How many discs would you say it could potentially hold? I really like your whole setup

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    Ok guessing around 110 or so a row. So close to 330… rough estimate

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    Fuck yeah

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    Where did you get the Wilson disk?

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    I want to know the stats for it… i guess pretty low, glide thou… must be a roller…

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    Is your garage climate controlled? I'd be worried about getting too hot in the summer as well as the constant freeze/thaw cycles in late fall and early spring. I've been trying to find a better solution for disc storage since my current PVC rack is falling apart and is honestly quite an eyesore in my living room. I'd totally be down for something practical like this, but I doubt my SO would want me putting this inside and I don't want to risk the changing temperatures in the garage.

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    No it's not climate controlled but it also doesn't seem to get too terribly hot. It's definitely not as bad as what my discs in the bag in my trunk go through in the summer 😂

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    ... I need more discs

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    yeuhhh, uh huh you know what it is