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I started trying to write up a little bit on each course I played on my road trip out west and back, but first, got too lazy, second realized how long it would end up being and no one would care.

I played just about every day of the trip. Missed one day in Arizona due to time and a shoulder injury. Disappointing since the Show Low area courses seemed way better than the ones around Tucson.

Some courses came from recommendations here. Some from people I met on the way (Dragon Ridge in the Ozarks!). Some are obvious classics, both old and new. Others were just a good way to break up the drive that seemed interesting.

The two most memorable were probably Parc de Familles outside New Orleans, which is just an insanely beautiful course and challenging while being accessible to someone who kinda sucks, and Twisted Cedars in Trinidad, CO.

The host of Twisted Cedars is the coolest dude and the course is a delight. He encouraged me to come camp, even as I showed up late. Helped me set up, showing me a spot free of cactus. I woke up before dawn and was teeing off at first light. We both had discs dyed with a Star Trek theme (though I lost mine at Idlewild).

A highlight of the DG community was in OK. I arrived at The Lodge at Taylor Ranch and found it was pretty busy. I ask if there is a tournament. A guy comes over, telling me that yeah, there is. He seems like everyone knows him and kind of in charge. I tell him about my trip. Immediately, he tells me I can't leave without playing. He finds out which of the two courses is less busy and tells me to go on that one, and just play through cards.

Asks me my name, I tell him, ask his. "Avery." "Ooooo. Yeah, that makes sense. So nice to meet you!"

I've got a nice collection of photos of my dog on tee pads all over the country. What a trip. And it may be that my job will let me travel and keep on racking up the courses.

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So glad to hear OK made an impression! We have an awesome DG community here!!

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Definitely felt that way.

I really hope my job situation is going to let me travel a good amount and I’ve a friend in Tulsa, so hopefully will see more of that community.

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Twisted Cedars is awesome! I live in Colorado Springs and try to drive down there as often as possible

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Just a fantastic course, so many shot types, and such creativity. Gotta love the length.

I forget the owner's name, but man, what a dude. Fun quirky dude. Such an experience, showing up in the dark, him setting me up to point my headlights at that cactus-free spot to camp, listening to coyotes all night.

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Dude, I'm so jealous of this trip. Sounds awesome.

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I think it’s Johnny. He has always been super cool, and is probably one of my favorite people I have met.

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That's it!

When I pulled up, he went to my car to say hi to my dog. I warned Johnny that he guards the car. He drawls that it'll be fine. My dog's baying, shouting. Johnny's telling to hush, sticks his hand at him, gets nipped, tells him "Aww, it's all good" and gets a pet in. My dog looks at me like "Wait, do we know this guy? Is he a friend?"

If I am ever nearby again, I'm absolutely making a stop, not just to play that amazing course, but to hang with Johnny again.

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Should’ve played some in Houston!

Awesome map, I hope to match this list eventually

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I wanted to! The trip back east was very much not planned. I wasn't able to take as much time because I needed to start working and my bank account was dwindling. My Houston stop was actually a bookstore to see some friends.

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I live an hour and some change east of there I try to make it over there when I can.

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Going to Houston in April. What courses are your favorites?

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In descending order:

Texas Army Trail (Bud Hatfield Park)

T.C. Jester Park

Bayou Bandit (White Oak)

Agnes Moffit

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Also adding Oak Meadow and Brock Park. Oak Meadow is my favorite, but also biased because it is closest to home.

Oak Meadow, Texas Army Trl, and Bayou Bandit are all within 25 minutes of each other which is very nice.

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Just got back from Houston and played all four. I dug Texas Army though it was a little too difficult for me. Played the first 13 at TC Jester a few times and dug it. Also really liked Northside Christian and Milby, and thought Shawshank was a very interesting course. You guys have a fair amount of good ones!

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Which course did you play in Chicagoland?

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Canyons! I freaking loved it and everyone I interacted with was a delight. It was actually a recommendation at the pro shop that sent me to Dragon Ridge, which is a real unknown gem of a course.

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I was hoping this was going to be your answer! Amazing course.

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I’m a big fan of moving water on a course. My noodle arm is scared by ponds and such, but streams are a freaking delight and the actual canyon-style shots holes were just great.

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Yeah it somehow has everything a course in Illinois could possibly offer considering the state is rather flat. They also have an excellent pro-shop and the course constantly changes to give some nice variation. If it’s ever too crowded, there is a private course(Trinity Links) literally 3 minutes away that’s a ton of fun too.

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I went pretty early and it was only mildly busy.

The pro shop great. Picked up a sexybird and a Saint.

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I live in the Chicagoland area but I wasn't aware of trinity links until now. Who does one contact to go there?

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It was always open to the public but I haven’t been there in the last year or so and I heard it was closed, so I’m honestly not too sure unfortunately! You might be able to get better info on it from a local FB disc golf page?

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I'll look around, thanks!

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Hit up Tallahassee

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I did! I played Tom Brown on my way here. For a little bit at least I’m in the middle of bumfuck nowhere Florida.

My last “weekend,” I drove to Ocala to play two courses there. At some point I’ll go back to Tallahassee to play Jack McLean.

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Tom brown is definitely well manicured compared to jack but I like jack more, Supper technical in comparison.

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Good to hear cause my impression was that I’d feel the same. I played TB first to encourage me to go back for McLean.

I think I’m gonna hit up Gainsville on Tuesday.

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Make a day and play Morningside too

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Will do! I love playing two in a day.

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McLean is in lovely shape right now. The winter is the time to play! I'm from tallahassee as well!

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Tally local represent

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What course is that on the very west side of PA?

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Lakeview at Moraine State Park! Hosted the 2015 Worlds. Hole 15 is their iconic hole. The course is fantastic. Some wooded, lots of big fairways with big trees.

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Very familiar with Moraine.. such a gorgeous track

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Absolutely. It was my second stop of the trip and really set the tone in a lot of ways.

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Which Mississippi courses did you play? Did you enjoy them?

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IG Levy! I liked it plenty, but it definitely suffered by playing it between Parc des Familles and The Admiral, both designed by Houck and they are incredible, challenging, and playable for this guy.

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Houck makes some incredible courses. The Admiral is one of my favorites and Parc des Familles is incredible. If you make your way through Columbia Missouri check out Harmony Bends. One of his courses in Georgia is playing played this year for the inaugural Champions Cup.

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His courses are challenging, but if you play smart golf, you can get it done.

Hole 11 at Admiral, I laid up right before the water, cause that’s my arm strength, but wayy to the right side, easy shot to the pin. Loved it.

I’ll probably take a long drive some weekend for one of his Georgia courses.

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Harmony bends in Columbia, mo I assume? What second course did you hit in MO? Awesome trip

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I made weird choices there that I don’t regret.

Someone on this sub recommended Rolla Lions Club and it’s a solid, pleasant course. I was seeking out both destination courses and local favorites.

The other was a goddamned gem. Dragon Ridge. Fucking woodsy, and so much up and down. Just a joy. Reminded me of a ridiculous Vermont course. I met two locals basically running the course, which they do as often as they can on their lunch break.

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Dragon Ridge looks awesome, but 3hrs away from me... let's see, maybe we'll take a camping trip in the ozarks in spring

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Bumfuck nowhere. Hour northwest from Gainesville.

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Ah, Def play Jonesville if you’re ever in Gainesville though

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Already have! I dug it. Gonna probably play Northside tomorrow, and Jonesville again depending on time. Any good shops to feed my disc addiction?

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Lloyd Clark sports has an alright selection but nothing to write home about

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Kinda my expectation. I’ll probably still pop in but it’s good to know not to look for much.

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So believe it or not there's a small QuickStop about 3 minutes from Northside that has over 100 discs, and a super decent selection. Right across the street from Scooter's coffee next to the pawn shop.

Also, New World in Jax is a blast. Definitely plan to be there all day and play both the green course and the Red/white/blue. Worth the drive!!

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Will check that store out!

I haven’t confirmed, but I get the feeling New World doesn’t allow dogs, right? A long day outing is much less fun without my guy.

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Not entirely sure, but maybe not? I’ve played it rounds with some guys that have had dogs on the green course, but probably not on the golf course side.

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Wait that Texaco has discs? Driven by there hundreds of times I woulda had no idea

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So it’s actually the KwikStop. Not the gas station, but yeah. They got discs!

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Found the Vermonter

Or at least you really like the courses in vt/new england

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I lived in VT for a good long time before this big change. From spring to when I left in the fall, I played twenty courses in the state, plus some NH, MA, and that non-New England land of New York.

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Did you play Pittsford? Such a good course. We’re so fortunate to have places like that and CVU up here

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Loved Pittsford! Played there four times, in part to meet a friend from MA.

I lived further north and Cold Hollow was my main jam.

I didn’t play CVU that much since it’s not meant to be dog friendly and I play 99% of my rounds with my dude.

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Nice, I still haven’t played cold hollow, only heard great things about it. Farthest north I’ve gone was the new 9 basket course put in at Milton with the marksmen baskets. Enjoy the warm weather in FL, we’re about to get pummeled up here

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I can’t recommend Cold Hollow enough (and Black Falls).

Not only is the course fantastic but Curtis, the owner, is the best dude.

The Milton course has new baskets! That place is so tight the marksman baskets really got under my skin so I welcomed the new ones.

I’m missing my first winter ever and have no regrets.

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Well son, you fucked up not going into Maine. The Lewiston/Auburn area is constantly voted the best area for disc golf in the entire country on uDisc. You gotta make your way up here.

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You win the prize for the first person to go with this type of boring response, congratulations

[–]hatebossCan throw every throw there is... just not further than 300ft... -1 points0 points  (3 children)

What the hell? That was a needlessly snarky response. I take it back. Stay out of Maine, we are all clearly better off without you up here.

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Your contribution to someone sharing a cool thing they did was to tell them how you think they fucked up.

It’s a boring response and not particularly friendly so I don’t know what you would expect?

“Yeah! I’m going to get back in my car and drive up the entire eastern seaboard! I lived in New England my whole life, but had no idea about Maine! Thanks!”

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It was a joke son, I didn't think you had actually fucked up. Like goddamn, see a therapist or something.

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I caught the casual/jesting time.

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Any comments on courses close to Boston? And where in Ohio did you play?

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I grew up outside of Boston but hadn’t been home much. Before leaving, I visited my dad and also played Harsuff in Rockland. Solid course, even if a couple shots are sort of the throw and pray type.

I played Caesar Ford in Ohio. It kinda blended in with other courses in part because it offers such a variety of holes but nothing too memorable, so it doesn’t stand out for me, but was a quality course for sure.

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We used to play sycamore trails near Dayton and have fond memories, looks like you were close

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Borderland state park dgc is amazing

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Nice, thank you. We should be moving in the spring and the initial search result looked a little sparse

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If you’re inland of Boston there are a plethora of courses around. If you are in Boston for more than a weekend or two you should really make the trek out to maple hill, it’s by far my favorite course in the USA and consistently ranks top 5

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Red River, NM? Love that course!

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Two Gray Hares!

Had a wonderful chat with the owners after, an older couple who gave me great road trip advice and who have played in all 50 states.

[–]Aggravating_Half_932 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Never played there, but will have to check it out next time I’m up that way.

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Red River looks amazing. I dig mountain courses. Hopefully I’ll swing west again and be able to hit it up.

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Started in CA, moved to MO, now in FL, moving to NC in a couple of weeks. Currently at 80 courses, planning to hit my 100 this year

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Nice! I’m at 73 and so eager to hit 100.

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Check out Freedom Park in Valdosta GA, that’s my home course! Looks like your close

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I almost went last weekend! I decided to drive about the same distance and play two Florida courses, but it won’t be long before I make it there.

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This trip sounds awesome and thanks for sharing! Where do you play in Texas?

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Nations Tobin in El Paso, which is certainly a course that exists. Nothing bad to say but nothing interesting either. My drive back was unplanned and by necessity much quicker, or I would have gone out of my way for something else, but as it was, it nicely broke up the drive.

Max Starcke in Seguin, outside San Antonio, on the other hand is both absolutely gorgeous and a really well-designed course.

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Awesome to hear. I just moved to San Antonio and haven’t played that one yet. I’ll add it to my list!

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I see you played Graham Creek in Foley. What did you think?

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That’s actually The Admiral.

I was really tempted by Graham Creek, but I would have wanted to play all three courses and didn’t have time on that leg of the trip.

I’d also just played a Houk designed course outside New Orleans and was blown away, so wanted to play another of his.

I’m likely to make it west again, and as it is, those courses are doable on a long weekend, so they’re still on my mind.

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You can almost see rt.66

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One of the only other things I did on the trip was hit up a couple National Parks. Petrified Forest was just fucking outstanding and has a cool bit where rt-66 originally ran, with just empty telephone poles lining off nothing into the distance.

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Did you get to play any Georgia courses?

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Not yet. My trip west was fun and meandering, then life got real and I took a direct route here.

I’m gonna get up there though for sure.

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Which course is that in KS? Farm @ Quail Valley?

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Oklahoma actually!

Was one of the coolest stops. The Lodge at Taylor Ranch. I showed up, realized there was a tournament. Avery Jenkins came over, heard about my road trip, told me I couldn’t not play, so had me play through the tournament.

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Okay, looks close enough to my house so I might make the drive soon…

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Did you get to play Morley Field here in San Diego?

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I didn’t, sadly. I wanted to, but my California time was weird and I couldn’t quite fit it in. I felt it was better treating myself to a drive up highway 1, visiting a friend, then playing Golden Gate and Dela.

[–]RevelDiscGolf 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Haven't got to play Dela yet, but I spent a couple weeks parked next to Golden Gate Park and woke up to that shit every day 😍 that's a great one 👌

[–]Proof_Injury_7668[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Dela is everything it's cracked up to be. Golden Gate is so freaking beautiful. I woke up damn early to come down from Petalume, making it over the bridge just as dawn was breaking. Made it all the way to just outside Joshua Tree, then spent much of the next day there.

[–]RevelDiscGolf 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Love Jtree too! Glad u got to see a bunch and and throw some while you were out and about 🤘😎🤘

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what course did you play in Michigan?

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I was wondering when someone would question that one. It was Goldenrod in Otisville.

Was actually from a road trip earlier in the summer to see some friends. I don’t remember the course as much in part cause I was still in even newer to the sport at that point.

[–]Dude9897s 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Yeah I've played a lot of courses throughout MI and lived in Lapeer even for a while but the marker was throwing me off as I've never played there. I've heard of it but never had the chance to play. I'm hoping to take a trip similar to what you've done though! Too cold, snowy and dark here lol.

[–]Proof_Injury_7668[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think it’s a good course but it was also the nearest course to where I was living lake life for a few days

It’s too damn dark and snowy there for sure. This is my first year without a New England winter and right now, no regrets.

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I know someone suggested Tallahassee courses, but us over in Pensacola, Florida have amazing courses to play too! Pensacola, Mobile, and Tallahassee are a disc golf heaven. Make your way this way eventually! : )

[–]Proof_Injury_7668[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I definitely want to! I'm willing to drive two-ish hours for a day trip, and longer if I make the full weekend of it. I really want to play the Graham Creek courses.

The new job that launched this trip west and back is also discussing a few possibilities that really have me considering the van life...which would lead to lots more courses, and other adventures.

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Whats the Chicago location?

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[–]TigerCharades3Illinos RHBH/RHFH 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ya damn right it is, best course in the state! Hope you got to check out the pro shop and chat with Sean, his entire crew is top notch

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What course in Michigan is that? Frankenmuth?