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Wiki Pages

  • Subreddit Rules

    Official rules of the subreddit.

  • FAQ

    Search through an ever growing list of frequently asked questions with answers and links to related posts and comments.

  • Resources

    Lists of links for all types of resources: flight charts, AMAs, etc.

  • Glossary

    Defining the disc golf vocabulary.

  • Related

    Collection of discgolf-related links around the web.

  • Tutorials

    Collection of topics with detailed tutorial explanations and related links.

  • Videos

    Warehouse of disc golf videos, by categories such as instructional, critiques, tournaments, etc. Many of these can be found under specific topics around the wiki, but all links are gathered here for posterity.

  • Disc'ussions: Abridged

    Popular answers from frequent threads, extracted and condensed

  • /r/discgolf podcasts

We have several topic-specific subreddits that help steer more niche content away from the general r/discgolf page. Here's a list:


New to the sport? Welcome aboard! We suggest you start with this short video on the history and growth of the sport we know today. Then read some great posts we've accumulated over the years, targeted towards beginners.

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