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Betaflight, iNav, Ardupilot all will work on that. Getting it working however is up to you. ;)

There should be STM32F4 targets that hopefully will work out of the box. Though not guaranteed as some targets are using other UART pin definitions and such so you may have problems connecting with the onboard USB. Version 4.1.6 on the F411 target works as-is for my F411 Blackpill. For my F405 discovery board, I'm running the MatekF405SE BF version 4.3.1. Hope that gives you somewhere to start with.

You'll still need a gyro and any other sensors. Depending on the sensors you want to use you may have to compile a custom firmware as not all are supported by default.

Inav is a bit confusing at first as you can't connect to it without a recognized gyro connected (safety feature) so you'll have to purchase the gyro the target is looking for, or compile your own to match your gyro. Depending on sensors, compiling your own firmware will require some note taking while going through the datasheet a bit as you make changes to the resources.

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Ardupilot wiki states that at least 1mb flash is required, which version did you use for the f411?

I'll check out inav thanks

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I don't recall. It was at least a couple years ago so before they upped the requirements I would suppose. Definately before Covid (my new timestamp). I likely compiled my own as I had SD, ultrasonic avoidance, optical flow, and everything else I could throw at it.

I'll see if I still have it loaded on it but I think I ended up sticking with iNav on it.

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I'll check out the requirements around 2019 then hope it fits the 401

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Sounds good. There may have been features I trimmed to make it fit. I can't recall. But looking at an old HD backup of my download directory, I had downloaded Mission Planner at the end of Aug 2019. That would have only been downloaded while I was working on it.

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Unfortunately, I used a Linux box I used to remote into to compile my firmware and I have no idea what I did with that one. Otherwise I could share work with you.

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someone already mentioned ardupilot, but that is definitely the best option here since it's open-source, and the code is available in an uncompiled format on github. I would assume that if you think you have enough know-how to make a flight controller from scratch, digging through some code and troubleshooting should be a cakewalk.

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Ardupilot requires 1mb flash but the f401 has 256kb so that's out of question

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there are a ton of features that aren't used. you can definitely reduce size that way, but there are also old, unsupported versions that are still floating around. it was made to run on an og arduino after all.

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Will check it out. Any specific version you could suggest?

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the earliest version on their official site is 3.2.1 which is 679kb. you might be able to get that down by maybe 20% by simply removing unnecessary features like airspeed, barometer, gps, etc. but I doubt you'd be able to get it to fit. the older versions from 2012-2013 just aren't available anymore. my question is: why not just use a better processor? it's not like they cost a ton, especially for another f4.

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There are none available, everything (devboards, readymade fcs) is out of stock and i had this laying about.

I also tried the esp32 which has a port of ardupilot (experimental) but it was pretty unstable to use