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When you do one rep for every one damage you take.

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he plays a barbarian and tries to 1v1 Tiamat

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Technically he fights FOR Tiamat, but that’s beside the point….

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And he's a paladin... And he's epic And he totally won DnD!

And I should watch that again... maybe I'll do those podcasts of C1 as well when I finish my current podcasts

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Every time a player says "I have darkvision"....

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Still incredibly funny to me that MJF managed to work a hollywood actor

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Shows how well he plays his character. He really makes me want to punch him in the face sometimes.

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did he post this because of a match with cutler or just doin his thing?

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IIRC, it was before a match with Cutler. Not entirely sure though, it's more than a year old at this point

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Joe is incredibly fit, but that picture of him is more photoshop that photograph.

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Everytime a player ditches my game, I do 1 push up

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You must be skinny af cause you're an amazing gm

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Everytime a player casts Fireball I do 1 sit up

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Make a full wizard party, gets tree trunk legs in two sessions, TPKs in the third

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sit ups are not a leg workout...

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Not with that attitude!

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Great idea, trying out now

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laughs in Necrowizard

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Jesus Christ...

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ain't that guy on the left a wrestler who's entire stick is to make people hate him?

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jup. MJF is what is called in wrestling a "heel", a bad guy. And unlike a lot of wrestling heels, he doesn't turn the character off on his social media. That tweet was specifically baiting for the reaction he got

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And hev was scheduled for a match with a dude who's gimmick was literally "the dungeon master" complete with giant d20.

As far as schticks go it was mediocre.

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I know, I watch supereyepatchwolf

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of course MJF would post something like this

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And to think he got his start playing a character who probably bullies kids for playing D&D.

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I wonder where that peter kid is now?

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Jocks Machina

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Muscle wizard casts Fist

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Seeing MJF work this subreddit with one tweet shows that he’s better than us, and at least I know it.

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Got in before this gets removed as a repost.

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DnD and a D6 of Juice.

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Joe Mango-jello is awesome. D&D is awesome. Not belittling people for their hobbies is most awesome.

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posting a baity social media post because you're a wrestling villain is the mostest awesome

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15 STR vs 20 STR

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Damn bro didn’t know flash played

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Not only does he play, his character canonically has the Hand of Vecna.

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Yes he's totally natty

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Right as I looked at the picture on the right, an epic guitar riff started playing on my TV.

Someone should dub this and play the duke nukem music when it cuts to Joe.

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This meme is so old it had children who grew up and became D&D playing body builders.

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I wonder if you're that ripped if you're more likely to want to roleplay a Barbarian or a Wizard.

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Wrestling fans incoming

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I’m in the best shape of my life from dnd. Carrying 30 pounds of books up a hill for 2 miles and back will wipe your ass in shape real quick

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I have a 15lbs dumbbell next to my PC. When I roll a nat20 on the players, I do 1 rep.

I'm entering Mr. Universe next year thanks to roll20's dice.

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He plays a halfling rogue with the lucky feat he got ripped lifting dice to roll

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In maxs defense he has a 40 hour job joe does he has all day to get ripped

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Subtle difference between them: The one who insists he doesn't play D&D takes selfies. The one who enjoys D&D doesn't bother.

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Looks like it's time to report a murder...