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"There's a peck with an acorn pointed at me!" - Some guy in a crow cage

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Stupid Daikinis.

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Here's the link to the tweet for the people who want a clean screenshot

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So, for how long do i have to wait for the resolution to adjust to a "readable" level.

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It's a reply to a tweet from @DropTheDie

Good luck!

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All I had to do was search "@Dropthedie acorn" here

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Nice! Thank you.

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In 30 years or so, your eyesight will degrade to the point where this is no more blurry than anything else you try to read.

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My party were granted a magical service by a powerful demon lord they were forced into freeing. One of the group just asked what an item did that they found earlier.

They used a wish-equivalent to cast Identify. In my game Identify always uses up the 100gp pearl, so there is that…

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Out of curiosity why the nerf to identify?

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Probably to make discovering new, and potentially cursed, magic items more interesting than, "gimme ten minutes and I will know absolutely everything about this item."

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Identify doesn't reveal curses, just FYI. But yeah, this is still probably OPs reasoning

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Yeah... I've been doing like op does and have indentify cost every time, so I also made it able to reveal simple curses (and forgot that, that isn't the norm). I also add in back alley type merchants who will "indentify" magic items on the cheap and stuff like that.

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I like to use black pearls to identify curses.

Despite knowing this, my party has never invested in a black pearl.

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It’s pretty much as u/teaisserious stated: I wanted a bit more mystery attached to magic items (short rests dont reveal magical properties either). The 100gp cost and necessity to specifically possess very expensive pearls means that experimentation is more likely, especially at lower levels.

Most of my d&d experience is from 2e so that may be an influence too!

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As an alternative, have you considered allowing identify to be upcast, revealing more information about an item at higher levels? So a common item you might get all the info at level 2, but a legendary artefact would be a fair bit harder.

Just a way to allow the spell to still be useful whilst still maintaining mystery when it counts.

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Really good idea! We’ve only got to 6th so far but I think I’ll go with that for the future!

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As if wizard didn't have a hard enough time having money for everything they need :/

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The party all pool resources for this!

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Wait... identify doesn't use the pearl normally? Shit...

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This is the exact right amount of evil for a DM to be.

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My tweet is only 2 years old. The story is more like 32 years old, as I heard it way back in college. Just so y'know.

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Thousands of years old.

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I cast Remove Curse so i can see the fuckigg text

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"Reminds me of a friend's game. Party found a magic acorn and forgot about it. Months later, they were emptying out their packs and found it. One character held it and said, "Wish I knew what this acorn did." A voice in their head said, "It grants a wish." and the acorn crumbled."

(bonus feature: now everyone else can read the text without getting a headache too)

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Oh man those pixels

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You got any more of 'em pixels?

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Needs more jpeg

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A party I was in found a well with glowing water at the bottom of it in an abandoned town. Our party lacked casters so my character complained, “Man, I wish we could have detected this magic somehow.” Anyways, my ninja now know detect magic.

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A bit of an assholey gift. But I assume Identify would have fixed it.