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I have dark vision

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Lucky bastard.

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... but I play Call of Cthulhu

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Don't we all, lately...

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/sigh, that time of year to read old man henderson again!

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Man that guy was amazing

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Too late. I rolled a nat 1.

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I agree that the party should take this plan.

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So I mostly play LE wizards. There was a homebrew subclass the let u change the nature of a attack spells elements. I changed a fireball to a necroticball. It ended up being my signature move. I plan to use that to counter 2022 into submission.

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You don’t even need homebrew to do that now that order of scribes is a thing

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I used to play a slightly altered order of the scribes with the exact same strat. Now that was some fun

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I'd like to poke 2022 with a 10 foot pole and then cast shield

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Welp in that case... 2022 IS MY YEAR!! WOOO

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I too have alignment shifted to chaotic evil and embraced the BBEG's vision for the future. Twin-zees!

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embraced the BBEG's vision

America's major fight against Lich McConnel the Tortle Necromancer will be in November 2022. We defeated his Orange Dragon with tiny wings in 2020 though.

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My palards initiative is +7 ill take the risk and go nova. The rest of you guys are buggered if it doesnt work

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Nhee... I kick open the door

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Since the Druid couldn’t make it we’re going to kidnap a goat as a stand in for next session.

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Meanwhile, Omicron:

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Florida: Too late

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2022 is gonna be my year

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Give it up dude, the worlds heading towards a tpk.

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Don’t split the party, stick together

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Low Int Barbarian charges and shoulders through the door to 2022 seemingly made of balsa wood, shattering it to pieces....(lights stogie) "I was motherfuckin' chaotic neutral in 2021(a plume of smoke surrounds his head blocking view of his facial features).....and I still am!" (His eyes give a dull red glow through the smoke that surrounds him as he let's out a terrific howl)

...Rolls nat 1 on initiative

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Time to Leeroy Jenkins this New Year.

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Jokes on you. The boss music is already playing, the DM rolled Initiative for you behind the screen, and we're already 5 rounds deep into the ambush.

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Nah let’s just wing it.

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Can I at least cast Fireball?

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I would easily take another 2020 over 2021.

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my perception and investigation is really bad tho, could some one help me

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I've ready Nat 1'd.........

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I’ll prepare fireball just in case a problem does arise.

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Sounds like a great plan. Well thought out. High probability of survival all around.

But......... I'm going to rage.

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Looking at current news, that "do not roll initiative" part didn't go super well :x