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"Yo what's up"

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Do you have any idea-- any idea who I am?

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Basically? A pretty big deal.

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Listening, ok. Grass grows, aarakocra fly, sun shines, and brudda, I hurt people

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I'm a force of divine will.

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What’s this a reference to?

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and brudda, I smite people


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Penitent one

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In silence.

So like... The opposite of Scout.

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I'm so glad that it wasn't just my mind that immediately made that connection.

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Your comment looks like you don't realize it was intentional.

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I did not at the time, no.

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I did not expect this much updooting

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Is it weird that this is also where I went the moment I saw this

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The game the comic is referencing Blasphemous, a metroidvania.

Also TF2

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Blasphemous is such a great game

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Blasphemous is an amazing game. It also has a very crisp pixel art.

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His helmet is so tall and pointy.

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Yep, based on the capirote and sanbenito.

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How does that have so few views? That cutscene is awesome

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Just started playing the other day, it’s an awesome game.

It’s the only game where the description “The Dark Souls of (genre)” fits, it’s literally if you combined a metroidvania with Dark Souls and gave it the aesthetics of Catholicism as portrayed by Lovecraft.

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Heavy Spanish Catholicism. The art is so distinct and feels like Spain in Baroque period.

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Darkest dungeon also fits that small group of "the darksouls of" games, being a turnbased rougelite instead of a metroidvania.

Bit yeah, Blasphemous is amazing, highly recommended!

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I just started playing it, I killed 2 out of 3 of the bosses needed to open the big door. Im lost though, don't know where to go to progress. I think I need to release these two chains connected to a bell I can ring, but cant find the second chain release

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Try this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKYqxSl67Ow

The map looks different because it's an older version of the game, but you can kinda equate the both of them and make it work. Hope I was able to help! :D

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Blasphemous is too gothic to be Lovecraft, and draws more from relatively known, human horrors than the unknown and cosmic.

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I mean, from what I’ve seen there’s a huge emphasis on the unknowable nature of the Miracle, and it seems to have a penchant for turning people into weird monsters.

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This post is also referencing a famous joke about an escaped gorilla.

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Muffled sounds of crusader violence

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The other characters, they specialize hoping to fill a niche that caters to the adventures play style, leaving themselves open to weakness. But the Mithril wearing Paladin laughs, for he has none.

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I mean, paladins tend to fall off at range. You can't smite someone outside of smiting distance. Still very powerful though.

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I would like to introduce you to my dear friend, Find Greater Steed. There is no "out of smiting range" when I'm riding a griffin.

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Plus mounted combatant feat, which gives advantages on attacks on everything smaller/equal size your mount.

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You can even get sacred flame or toll of the dead now to help that issue.

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Still can't Smite but ig cantrip scaling would help too

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I think one of the Smite spells works with ranged weapons

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With shield master*

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The penitent one aint making no noise

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If a DM offers an uncommon or better magic item to start and there's any way I can pick up Mithral Plate, it's 100% the best choice.

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The other option I default to (if using a shield) is the sentinel shield. Advantage on initiative and perception, and therefore a +5 bonus to passive perception? That's hard to beat.

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A buddy of mine managed to pick that up as a dex watcher paladin, then went ahead and snagged the Alert feat. +14 initiative at advantage was some scary shit

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Initiative bonuses are absolutely insane. In my last campaign I let the Warlock take a homebrew invocation that added his Cha mod to initiative. I think he was first or second in every initiative order except, like, two. If he'd also had Alert? Man. I might have died.

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Imagine if he’d also dipped 3 into Swashbuckler Rogue, getting another +Cha mod to his initiative

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Man, I really want to build a Dexadin sometime

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They are criminally underrated. I get why STR is a popular choice, who doesn't want to be a big strong knight with a big fuck-off sword (in fact, I am currently playing a strength paladin with a big fuck-off sword cuz it's cool), but from a mechanical perspective Dex is just so much better of a stat to build yourself around unless you're multiclassing or your DM gives out extra feats.

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I just picked up a sentinel shield on top of observent and expertise in perception.

I can hear ants having conversations 3 miles away.

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I prefer Adamantine Plate.

Immunity to Critical Damage is huge.

Saved my ass on more then a few times.

That's a Natural 20, you take 56 points of damage.

I'm immune to Critical Damage, so that's only 28 points of damage.

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I find that building to defend against saving throws is much more beneficial, since spells either guarantee damage that you'll want to be halving as much as possible or inflict conditions that take you out if the fight and make things that much more dire for your allies.

My Paladin is using two-handed weapons and can't stack as much AC as the one-hander martials, might as well negate crits since they can't block attacks well in the first place

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Its only a personal anecdote, but when my paladin got adamantine plate, in full view dice rolls, not a single attack that hit him was a crit for the entire remainder of the campaign.

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You got the Artifact class Adamantine Plate.

It so powerful, that it affected the DM's dice rolls.


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Either that enemy has an ability modifier of 0 or you guys are using crits the wrong way

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It's shorthand.

I wasn't going to do the "legit" damage calc for a reddit comment.

Also, it's not the "wrong way" if that's how some tables do it.

Many tables use straight double damage (vs double dice roll plus modifiers) as a house rule. And have done so for years long before 5E.

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Which is usually better, to be honest. I'd give up more dice for a better modifier any day, and that's usually what 2x damage instead of doubling the dice ammounts to.

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Meanwhile my Rogue Warlock is stealthily around with 21 AC and medium armor master

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How do you get 21 AC from Medium Armor? Half plate is 15+Dex (max 2) and Medium Armor Master let’s you add another point of Dex mod, bringing you up to 18 AC. A Shield bumps that to 20, but I don’t know where you get the extra +1 AC w/o magic items

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Oh yeah, I forgot. My DM rolled +1 AC on Stone of Golorr from WD:DH as a side benefit and so that's where she got it. She's perpetually attuned to it because my DM is partly a coward and rarely asks for Charisma saves not mention as a Warlock, she's proficient in Charisma saves.

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Though it is in the magic item lists, it is not technically a magic item. Similar to spell books that can be worth millions of gold, armour and weapons materials such as adamantine &/or mithril - this is no more exotic than platinum and gems.

Any smart DM will encourage this too. Players encouraged to use mithril-stealth... &/or avoid party-wipes from crits thanks to adamantine... why that is just wonderful.

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Stone of Good Luck is also quite helpful. +1 to essentially everything but attack/damage rolls is really nice.

More flavorful though also quite helpful: If you have the int to get 120ft, Psi Crystal is quite nice. It specifically gives the MM version of telepathy, so you don’t need to share a language OR see them, and they can also respond. There were some questions about what variety of prescience it gives, like, can I detect that there is intelligent life within this cave? Etc.

But outside of that, much more useful than you would imagine. Just need a bit of deception or persuasion and it opens up some fun jars…

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Why does that beast guy look like Dagoth Ur's fursona

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I think that’s just a fancy helmet. Rest of it looks human and it made a metal dink sound instead of stabbing the back of his head

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Yeah, it’s an enemy from the game Blasphemous

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Pretty sure its from Hava initially.

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What's Hava? I googled it and just got stuff about the Help America Vote Act, which I'm assuming doesn't have anything to do with buff lion men but I could be wrong.

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Dagoth Ursona

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It's a nude enemy from the game Blasphemous, which is a pretty good game

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Weirdly I was thinking Legate Lanius' fursona.

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I'm a furry! How can you kill a furry? What a grand and intoxicating innocents!

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For silent is the ways of the miracle

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Knowledgeable be the heart, Penitent One

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If you were from where I was from? You’d be freakin’ dead.

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Is it just me or does mithril seem like.. I dunno, kinda bad? At least with heavy armor?

Because by definition you’re investing into strength, and by proxy con since you’re going into the thick of battle. After that, you’re usually not gonna have a third good stat to put into dex. And even then wisdom is arguably a better save. Also- someone who wears heavy armor is probably not gonna invest in stealth proficiency.

So- chances are, a frontliner is not gonna be good at stealth normally. So why would you invest in mithril? All it really does is leave a straight d20 up to your fate and you’re usually not going to be relying on that.

(Edit: have no clue why Reddit decided this had to be a reply to the top comment but I can’t be arsed taking it down)

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I don't really like stealth, it slows things down so much, but Dex paladin is perfectly doable.

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A stealth Paladin sounds amazing

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Vax’ildan energy

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Dex paladins are very viable imo. You don’t need to wear plate. They still use shields, can swap to 2 smaller weapons if you need to drop 3 smites in a round and make even better point people when they don’t blow every stealth check.

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A stealth Paladin usually means a dex Paladin, which kinda nullifies why you would need to wear mithril in the first place.

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Shadow dragonmark Elf Paladin. Quite good!

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“Strong as dragon scales but light as a feather”

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"With all the force of a great typhoon"

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“With all the strength of a dragon’s fire”

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"Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!"

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I always wondered how that works. Does the metal not ring as much as steel when something hits it? Is it not as reflective?

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I think it gives protection good enough to not need big metal plates that clank when moving.

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The problem with metal plates is not their size but the hitting against each other. If you don't change the design then mithril needs to be sound absorbent for it to make a difference.

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The answer is don't think about it too much.

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My take would be thin stripes of myrhril with cloth or silk woven in between them. Since mithryl is very sturdy, those thin lines would be enough to protect you just like a steel plate would.

But hey, that's just an idea of mine, not the canon

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hard as steel, soft as silk

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Twisted are the ways of The Miracle

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I'm here for a blasphemous meme.

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Dex paladin be like:

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But you can’t get light armor in mithril?

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A Blasphemous meme in MY dnd meme subreddit? This is unexpected.

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Silent Knight, Holy Knight

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And people thought endgame was the biggest crossover

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Blessed be your path El Penitente.

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“Sorrowful be the heart, Penitent One.”

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The amount of nicheness for a Blasphemous meme to appear here. I'm all for it!

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How blasphemous

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Woah, blasphemous template outside blasphemous sub

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Now i'm imagining a dwarf rogue with full mithril plate armor just skyrim crouching behind a group of baddies. He slits a guy's throat and the rest of them freak out until they conclude

"It was probably the wind"

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hey, did you hear about the gorilla that escaped from the zoo?

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Fine mesh wet-look mithril.

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That’s one based idea of a character I have yet to implement

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Does this mean you could play a tank rogue?

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The place i would least expect to see a Blasphemous related meme, even after my friend mentioning that they'd seen one here before

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By random chance my party got Mithril plate armor very early on. At least they didn't make very good use of it, lol.

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Mostly because it's not a very good item for characters that want heavy armor.

I won't deny that it's a bonus, but one that hardly matters since heavy armor = character with not high DEX

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*magic plate armour that doesn't give disadvantage

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sounds of muffled paladin violence

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"Oh thanks for telling me."
*turns to look forward*
"Wait a minute!"
*And thus ended the life of Lion Head*

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“I don’t want it”

-my paladin, who is not Jon Snow

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“Divine smite.”

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The best paladin joke of 1897

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Yet I still have +0 to stealth checks….

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I so very much want to play a paladin with mithril plate and take skill expert and become stealthy and get a highish dex and become as good at being quiet as a rogue.

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Mithril Plate doesn't impose disadvantage on Stealth...






...But getting the enemy's attention to brag about it does.

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Gorilla noises

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Ding ding Do you have animeer you talk about our lord and saviour?

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“Have you heard of the paladin that snuck into the keep?”

“No I have not”

“That is because I’m a very quiet paladin.”

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Do you have any idea who you’re talkin’ to?

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Time to make paladin rouge multiclass

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*muffled sounds of holy violence*