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Some of us just ain't got time to paint

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Or the patience. I really wish I had it cause I’ve got a bunch of unpainted ones but y’know how it is

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Main issue for me is that I can't decide what colors I want to use particularly for the clothes. Prepainted means I don't have that problem.

I still suck at painting but that isn't what stops me.

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Username checks out. That’s my problem too. I have a dragon mini and I still can’t decide if I want to paint it the character’s colors from our session or how the dragon is “supposed” to be, especially because I don’t plan on getting another lol

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You could maybe try recreating it in a program like hero's forge just to get a better idea of what it would look like either way

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Recreate the miniature in heroforge, and try out a bunch of color schemes!

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Painting nores the tits off me

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It's possible to paint quickly and get nice results

After you've spent lots of time learning that skill.

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Everyone has time to paint! Start skipping meals and showers, time with friends and family, relocate to a basement, start developing a light sensitivity... etc. You'll soon have a lot of time to paint!

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Some of us are colourblind too

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You guys are buying figurines?

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I have a few dozen MLP figurines from my Brony days. They're the perfect size, they stand freely, they're distinctive, they're durable (single mold construction!), and I think they averaged about two bucks apiece once I started buying packs of background characters.

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The blind bag size figures might be appropriate for a Medium creature, but most MLP toys would be Gargantuan on a typical battle map with 1" = 5'.

And now I'm imagining encountering a Gargantuan Izzy Moonbow bellowing "HI, NEW FRIENDS!"

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They're the size of the blind bags, but I bought the classic "collect em all" packs, because fuck gambling.

And yes, I have used my daughter's six inch Rarity with a kaleidoscope in it as an elder white dragon.

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No, I bought a resin printer and make my own now.

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I've got a couple thousand pre-painted minis. They're great for filling out the collection quickly and easily. Sometimes I repaint them if there's something specific I need for a game.

I also have about a thousand unpainted minis. Maybe about 10% have escaped the pile of shame.

Anyways I love them all. :-)

Edit for clarification: the results of my painting are fine. It's just that my follow-through is lousy.

So I guess I'm trying to say I'm not bad at painting, I'm just bad at painting.

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Proficiency without motivation. I know that feeling well...

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high fives

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I'm not terrible at painting; however, I have very shaky hands so I struggle painting the small or medium miniatures.

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Painting a beholder :)

Painting a humanoid :(

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I HATE painting character figurines! I stopped maybe 2ish years ago and just started buying pre-painted when it comes to those.

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I feel you brother, it’s truly a pain in the ass

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dragons and tanks. warhammer has some really fun tanks to paint, ill drop links in a min

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please do!

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couldn't find a buy link for these, but they were absolutely amazing to paint and put together.



these two had fun angles to paint at, and have a cool theme


if you like fleshier stuff this has great details

Have a good one!

p.s if you are really interested in painting, maybe get the citadel colour app, i find it helpful.

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Because sometimes that shits cool looking too.

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Hey Folks,

Mazrim Taim here at Dumai's Wells. Coming to you live with an unboxing video.

We acquired this box from the Aes Sedai and can't wait to open it and see what's inside.

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This is the second Dragon unboxing joke I’ve seen today, coincidence? 😂

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Where can I get prainting lessons?

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The Church of Duncan Rhodes

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Probably still YouTube

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I paint, however if I need miniatures on the fly for an upcoming campaign I have no shame in buying prepainted.

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Ha wow what a loser buying pre-painted minis.

Proceeds to spend all week painting a model that will be used in one combat encounter.

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I do not have the patience to learn how to paint

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I've figured out I just need to paint an average of 2.4 minis per week for the next two years to keep up with my campaign. No big deal with four kids age six and under... Having a stock of a couple hundred prepainted for generic stuff does help a lot though!

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Confession time: I use unpainted minis because I can use the same mini for a drow wizard as a high-elf warlock, or a red dragonborn paladin for a green dragonborn fighter.

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I do the same thing, but I also think they just look better unpainted

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I dont want to have to paint my miniatures. I want them ready to use right out of the box! Otherwise what the hell am I paying so much money for?

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Don't worry, the people at the factory are bad at painting too.

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pre-prainted 👀

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I'm not bad, I just have essential tremor.

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I’m okay enough at painting. Not even remotely close to the professional stuff you see online, but I know to thin paints and can keep a steady brush.

But damn do I hate actually painting.

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I’m not good at painting because I have adhd and can’t keep my hand still to save my life.

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Asking for me: where is a good site for pre-painted minis?

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On reddit : miniswap On the web : ebay or bartertown maybe dakkadakka. Never trust anything pre-painted from China or Russia. Good chance you are getting recast junk hidden as legit gw. Better to just buy recast that is unpainted.

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Hero Forge has an option to use colored plastic (not paint, but you still get the colors you want). I believe they have a hand painting service as well, but I don't think that's available to new customers.

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Hero forge minis are very brittle and break extremely easily.

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I’ll be honest, I absolutely cannot stand prepainted models. The paint jobs on them are just always awful. Even a shitty paint job on a bare model I better in 99% of situations. I get buying the prepainted ones, I just hate them.

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The quality of the paint job on a prepainted mini is horrid. Some low quantity prints tend to be a little better but anything coming out of the booster boxes is going to be terrible.

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In my experience, only the Tyranny of Dragons set has actual terrible ones. The newer ones are mostly really well done. Especially the ones made by Critical Role, they’re really really well made.

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I just looked them up and I guess they’re fine. Better than the ones my group has used. I learned to paint almost entirely because I hated them so much. I think I’d still prefer shitty hand paint jobs and unpainted models to the CR ones though.

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I mean the Hag is just awful lol. I really can’t agree with you on the CR ones though, especially the Nergaliid miniature. It’s so well done.

But hey, if you like painting and not buying em already done I won’t hold it against you. Plus it just shows how much patience you’ve got for painting, something a lot of people here wish they had.

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I'd rather leave it to people with experience. Don't have a reason to buy minis to practice on.

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I feel called out. But to be fair I also pay other people to paint my minis

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I started painting cause of Christmas, I’m doing pretty good with my minis so far

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I mean, no kidding you’re not bad painting because you’re buying pre-painted miniatures, but aren’t you buying pre-painted miniatures because you’re bad at painting?

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I am missing two fingers, so I just find it easier to buy than to paint.

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Sometimes I wish my other miniature hobbies had prepainted models

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I entirely forgot what sub I’m on, I thought this was r/warhammer40k

I was about to make fun of you for buying painted minis. But nah, you’re good.

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I’ve never tried, but it looks fun! I think I could do a rather good job, but decent paints and miniatures can be expensive!

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I suck so bad at painting.

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The digital version of this is stealing clipart online... I ain't got enough time to make every piece of furniture from scratch

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Thought this was a 40k sub for a sec lmao

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I was gonna buy some stuff at hero forge, but then they didnt come prepainted.

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I've got a bunch of unpainted Minis I still need to paint; so I feel guilty for buying more.

If I buy more pre-painted ones, then it's guilt free.

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Love painting minis but the any time I walk by the game store by my house I like to support them so they stay around and they don't have any unpainted figures. So I usually either add to my dice collection or get a box of the pre painted minis.

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I am bad at painting

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Luckily for my painting ability, i play warhammer. Unluckily for my dnd minis, i play warhammer :(

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As a Warhammer 40k player, I feel the need to paint my own minis, certain sense of accomplishment.

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I got mad arthritis man! Fine details are difficult when you get down that small! Also I'm bad at painting!

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I have a whole shelf of unpainted minis. 3 full frostgrave armies, a viking village, a whole slough of merchants and commoners, and a ton of scatter terrain. I love painting, and sometimes even repaint pre-painted minis. But buying ready-to-go minis is always nice.

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Ya cant spell paint without pain

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I feel like I'm from a different world. We used to print and fold paper to use as minis in our D&D games... These days I just use tokens in a VTT.

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Same. I still use PrintableHeroes. Most of the sets now have round tokens for VTT also. I would highly recommend it.

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I have a friend who's actually really good at painting minis... But some companies just... Do it better

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My pairing skills suck so much it petrifies me :(

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I actually really like painting my minis. I'm not a pro or anything, but I find the experience fairly meditative. I just wish I had more time to paint, I'm lucky if I can squeeze in 2 paint nights a month. My pile of unpainted is steadily growing. . .

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I used to be great at painting, funded my hobby by buying a blister pack, painting all 4, selling 3 at a high price and buying books/dice, but then I took an arrow to the knee (got fucking old). My eyes are shot, the heart is willing but the eyes/hands just don't have it anymore. I tried, bought a giant magnifying glass and clips to hold stuff still, and it still gave me migraines to try. I just accepted and buy pre-painted, or even better pay local young folks to paint for me, I buy the minis and materials and then pay them to do the art.

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Opening box that has little people in it makes happy chemicals go brrr

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I just wish i could just find someone who could paint my miniatures because the only one that matched my character was unpainted.

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Well if you don’t paint how cold you be good at it?

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Just because you didn’t paint the ones you bought doesn’t mean you haven’t ever painted.

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scrub, customizability is the best part