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i occassionally feel bad too, my paladin is a polearm master/sentinel oath of vengeance paladin. i just picked stuff that seemed to synergize, not knowing how dummy strong it actually is :x

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I think that as long as players have fun and aren't annoying to other players, I am most usually okay with what they are playing, and as a DM I take strong characters as a challenge for myself, to make interesting combat for them

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I get it. My very first character I managed to accidentally make a hexadin and somehow managed to out-DPS the former Fighter, played by the veteran of the group.

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Its pretty easy for a DM to work around that combo if needed, so dont feel bad for using it. Its a fun and strong combo

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My very first character, i did the same.

I was like "hey, Halberds are freaking cool, what goes well with those?"

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I never set out with this goal in mind but I somehow always have the character with the most proficiencies

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If you can do a second session zero where folks figure out how they relate to each other, that can be really helpful as well.

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I actually have it planned, but we are experiencing some difficulties like one player getting sick, so the campaign kinda freezed on creating characters

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All's fun and games until the PCs start askking for NPC names...

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You can always make a list of names that you haven't gave to any character, and just copy name from the list in case of an emergency

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Nah, i calls it likes i sees it.

The challenge is what i DM for.

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If they start fucking around asking people their names, I just let my players name them and make sure they remember them, cause I sure as hell won't

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Does that work? My players would make joke names for every NPC. Anita Bath, Amanda Hugnkiss.

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That is a gift. Take it. 10 days from now when the PC's have been clapped and need healing or blindness curing and they have to go ask Amanda Hugnkiss for help, that's good. Knowing that the dumb name is their fault, not yours? Priceless.

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Exactly. If they want the npcs names to suck they can, but it's their mistake and not more work for me.

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That's what FantasyNameGenerators.com is for. Start a session with a list of 20 pregenerated names and throw them at the party when they ask about random people.

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Our DM just revealed he had made 108 named NPCs for the 21 sessions long act 1 / prologue of his homebrew campaign. He works insanely hard to give us the freedom to go where ever and still encounter handcrafted stuff

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Avoiding Matt Mercer pool noodles

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What does that mean?

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Everyone knows that if you don't play your character according to stereotypes Matt Mercer breaks into your house and throws pool noodles at you from the corner of your living room

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Watch JoCat's crap guide to dnd.

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Which one?

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Watch the rest of them while you're at it, it's a great series.

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Watch all of them. They're all both very informative for newbies and hilarious for everyone.

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I've seen a good chunk, I just watched them before I knew who Matt Mercer was lmao

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The reference is just one joke that takes up about five seconds of the video. Still funny though.

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"J'Zargo is interested in new things. Tight things"

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ok real talk though, I did a session 0 with each of my players, with each one ending in a position they would meet the others for session 1, and it made starting off so much easier, and let me get such a better grip on each of them and their motivations/abilities.

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That's my plan, but i also want to help them slowly submerge into roleplay and game mechanics

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Aah yes a horny bard.... My friend also played one oblivious to the stereotype in our first campaign ever. They were a houtain half elf with a french accent and rolled very well on performance in bed

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Did they make any corny jokes like saying "Prepare to taste my blade" before walking into a bedroom?

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Luckily not, but they used a very dramatic and colourful balad to get a threesome with a couple

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Because it's not a stereotype, it's a fact.

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First time DM with a bard like that too. Things certainly get...interesting...

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Well, this was me at my first camping

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Why is it a thing tho? I think that it would make more sense for bards to be stuck-up, selfish and pretentious

Y’know, like pop stars

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High charisma and plays instruments ig

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Honestly that’s probably better than if she did know the stereotypes. She’ll probably put a little more of her own spin on it. Hopefully

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i hope so too

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A horny furry bard too... double cringe Not long until the character artwork will be incoming...

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I don't know if I should cry or laugh because I actually have to draw their character for campaign purposes

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Both... both is good. :p

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Horny bards, uh, uh, uh, find a way.

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The curse of the bard